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The Economy Under Obama Is Great For Us, Says Business Owner Used In Ted Cruz Advertisement

This month, in a campaign advertisement using video footage produced by a super PAC funded by mysterious wealthy donors, the Ted Cruz presidential campaign showed Senator Cruz walking through a factory with a business owner in a work shirt, with sparks flying dramatically in the foreground.

What that businessman actually said to Ted Cruz, the advertisement doesn’t say. It features a voiceover from a powerful Republican congressman instead.

the Obama economy is goodHowever, an uncut version of the campaign footage records the actual words that the businessman said to Ted Cruz, shortly before the volume was cut off. In this version of the video footage, the businessman tells Cruz that the economy has been quite good to him under Barack Obama.

“We’ve been kind of growing as years go by, doing better every year. Every now and then, we’ll have a bad year, but we’ve done pretty good,” the businessman tells Cruz. “This year has been a good year, and it seems to be holding up.”

The businessman’s actual words don’t fit the narrative of the Ted Cruz for President campaign. Ted Cruz asserts that big business is suffering under Barack Obama, so Cruz just cut the businessman’s testimony to the contrary out of his commercial.

What else is Ted Cruz hearing from business leaders that contradicts his political agenda?

2 thoughts on “The Economy Under Obama Is Great For Us, Says Business Owner Used In Ted Cruz Advertisement”

  1. Frank says:

    You probably want to go around and ask businesses themselves how “good” is this economy is under Obama. You’ll discover what damages Obamacare and overgrown Local and federal regulation have done to them. Keep living in fantasy land.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Well, hold on. Ted Cruz already went around asking businesses how they were doing under Obama, and this is what he found.

      Are you trying to say that Ted Cruz has a liberal, pro-Obama bias, Frank?

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