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The OTHER Democratic Presidential Candidates In New Hampshire

The corporate news media depicts the New Hampshire Democratic primary as being between just two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernies Sanders. There are actually 28 Democratic candidates on the ballot, although one of them, Martin O’Malley, has dropped out.

Graham Schwass promotes a liberal religious ideology, seeking to get people to vote for him because of his Christian language: “In regard to the past comments of Republican candidates on Pope Francis encyclical on the environment – most of them need to go back to school – Sunday school. They clearly do not understand the message of Jesus, which is meant for the whole world and everything in it, all of God’s creatures.”

Vermin Supreme is using his campaign website to promote pornography.

Brock Hutton advocates eliminating all immigration into the United States, except for one family per year per country. Hutton thinks he can unite Democrats and Republicans behind this idea.

Mark Greenstein rants against unions, taxes, and immigrants, apparently seeking the votes of Donald Trump Democrats, whoever they are.

Michael Steinberg, a Social Security disability attorney, is running on a platform of keeping Social Security solvent.

John Wolfe has been on the New Hampshire ballot before. He was the most successful Democratic challenger to Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012, getting more delegate votes at the nominating convention than any other alternative candidate. He advocates single payer health insurance and stricter regulation of banks.

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  1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Vermin Supreme did recently switch to the Libertarian Party.

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