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Ben Carson Prophecy Of Doom Comes To Pass

A little bit over a year ago, right wing activist John Philip Sousa IV bragged to us at Irregular Times that Ben Carson was going to win the Republican presidential nomination. He boasted that, “The Ben Carson draft committee is made up of over 20,000 volunteers, over 100,000 donors and well over half a million petition signers,” saying that the draft committee’s strength was a sign of huge Republican support for the Ben Carson for President campaign that was to come.

Yesterday, in the New Hampshire primary, Carson came in 8th place, with just 2.3 percent of the vote.

It seems now that the prophecy of another Ben Carson supporter is more indicative of Ben Carson’s political future. This supporter wrote to us that “who ever wins Iowa will win the nomination!!!!”

Ben Carson didn’t even come close to winning the Iowa caucuses. Of course, in the last couple of elections, the GOP candidate who won Iowa did not go on to win the Republican nomination. So, it seems, the boasting of Ben Carson’s supporters has foretold only this: The campaign that boldly broadcasts its coming victory using the most historically inaccurate narratives is most likely to flop.

One thought on “Ben Carson Prophecy Of Doom Comes To Pass”

  1. ella says:

    It was amazing that Carson was able to establish that much of a base, but it was also a foregone conclusion that he would not succeed in winning the nomination. Still, in Iowa he did manage to round up several thousand voters. At forth place, even with the Cruz debacle, it seems the only thing that was mentioned was that Cruz won and Carson got taken. Some where 2nd place Trump dropped off the map, and Rubio became the boy of the day. Now Cruz and Rubio have taken hits for bad politics and Trump has become a politician. Carson? Not a politician at all. Maybe he should consider that a good thing.

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