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How’s that Whole Black-Voters-Love-Donald-Trump Thing Going? Iowa and NH Exit Polls Show…

A month ago, a visitor to Irregular Times referenced a poll indicating that only a small minority of black Americans supported Donald Trump to declare that “the minority groups are supporting Donald Trump.”  I suppose by that standard, if just one in ten atheists indicates they love the preaching of Rick Warren, “the godless are supporting Jesus.”

The somewhat kooky notion that the xenophobic Donald Trump is attracting big waves of support from black Americans has been put to the test twice in the last week, in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.  A New York Times exit poll of Iowans failed to identify a single black Iowan participating in the Republican caucuses.  You may be thinking, “come on, there aren’t any black people in Iowa!”  But that’s not true.  The New York Times exit poll found that 3% of participants in the Iowa Democratic caucuses were black.  If black Iowans were really shifting in waves over to Republicanism in general and the campaign of Donald Trump in particular, they’d be caucusing for Trump.  They weren’t there.  In New Hampshire, the story was the same: not a single black person appeared in New York Times exit polling of the Granite State who was voting for any Republican, much less Donald Trump.

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