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Who is Winning the Presidential Bird Race?

We keep hearing about the “Presidential Horse Race” in the news media, but I can’t recall any presidential candidate in 2016 riding any horse.  If you can find a picture of one, let me know; I’d really like to see Chris Christie in the saddle.  Sadly, he’s ridden off into the sunset.  Maybe he can visit a dude ranch.

While journalists wax reportistic about fictional horses, there is an actual presidential bird race going on in this country.  I’m referring to Twitter, the social media platform of the great American Two-Dimensional Blue Bird.  Each major presidential candidate in the Democratic, Green, Libertarian, and Republican parties has a Twitter account.  How many followers does each of these accounts have?

Number of Twitter Posts of Each 2016 Presidential Candidate, as of February 12 2016

The number of followers of a presidential candidate don’t count as votes, to be sure.  But they do signify a certain amount of attention.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?  What they say on Twitter is getting a lot of attention.  When Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz say something on Twitter, what they say shows up on on a moderate number of Twitter timelines.  At the lowest end, past even Jeb (!) Bush and John Kasich, are Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party.

Tonight, using her Twitter feed, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein called for an assertion of “the power… of our numbers”:

Jill Stein on Twitter, February 12:  This is a time for the politics of courage, to assert the power of our vision, our values, and our numbers

If you’re sympathetic to Jill Stein’s vision and values, you might want to follow her Twitter feed and inch up her numbers.

4 thoughts on “Who is Winning the Presidential Bird Race?”

  1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    I will follow the bird race to see if any of the candidates rise in followers. Also, Jeb Bush has been added to the dropped out candidates list.

  2. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    I gues Donald Trump is winning it. Hillary Clinton is close behind him in followers compared to everyone else.

  3. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    What about other forms of social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc? Gary Johnson has a million followers on his Google+ account. Can you compare them all on Google+?

  4. fred says:

    I wonder if all these b.s. health mails I receive are written by one person. Each bears a certain resemblance to the others. In the end they want your money. Who is gullible enough to believe their lies? I guess they are the same folks who thought Pres. Trump would actually follow through on his plans. Any new bridges built or repaired near your home? Will the replacement health plan be available for you to read before our legislators vote on it? These may be scary times but not for the reasons these lying right wing idiots are saying

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