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Jeb Bush Is Sick And Tired Of Hearing His Brother Is To Blame For Screwing Up America, The Poor Dear

“I’m sick and tired of Barack Obama blaming my brother for all of the problems,” Jeb Bush said during the Republican presidential debate last night.

So, John Ellis Bush is sick and tired, huh?

The poor dear! If he’s really feeling sick and tired, he could always go and rest at a 3,000 square foot “cottage” that he’s spending two million dollars to build just as a place to visit while on vacation in Kennebunkport, Maine.

That’s an option that people who have to take minimum wage jobs don’t have. They also don’t have the option of using the political connections that come from having two ex-presidents in one’s nuclear family to make $29 million dollars in just 8 years.

Oh, but Jeb Bush tells us all that we could all be rich like him, if we weren’t such lazy slugs. “People need to work longer hours,” Jeb says.

minimum wage protest

Just think of the extra money you could make if you worked longer hours! If you make the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, and you work ten extra hours a week, why, in a year, you could earn an extra $3,770! At that rate, you could earn $29 million dollars too… if you lived to the age of 7,692 years old. Also, you’d have to get your employer to offer you those extra ten dollars of work per week, which they might not, given how the job is designed to be just under full time, so that the boss doesn’t have to offer you benefits.

Oh, but Jeb Bush is sick and tired of hearing so much about all the problems that his brother George W. Bush caused America.

You know what? We’re sick of hearing about all the problems caused by politicians named Bush, too.

So, Jeb, why don’t you solve the problem, and ensure that we never have any reason for new stories about the problems caused by any President Bush? Go home to your millions of dollars that you earned by exploiting America’s workers on the corporate boards of companies like Swisher Hygiene and Rayonier, and buy an expensive set of earplugs so that you can go on ignoring reality. Just stop preying on the working people of this country. Deal?

4 thoughts on “Jeb Bush Is Sick And Tired Of Hearing His Brother Is To Blame For Screwing Up America, The Poor Dear”

  1. John says:

    Oh like your elected officials aren’t doing the exact same thing, and living “high on the hog” with your tax dollars

    1. J Clifford says:

      John, this article isn’t about EVERYBODY.

      It’s about Jeb Bush.

      Can you refute what this article says about Jeb Bush with specific, concrete information?

  2. ella says:

    J Clifford, you and we all know that Geo. W. Bush did not, single handed, drive the US into trillions of dollars in debt. But then the national debt never hit near a trillion until 1980. In fact, it was in the term of Jimmy Carter that the debt went over half a billion dollars, for the first time in our history. (* 533,189,000,000.00) Then it climbed under Ronald Reagan to
    (* 997,855,000,000.00) nearly one trillion dollars and everyone loved the Democratic politician who turned Republican. With his friend George H. W. Bush as his Vice President .

    The debt continued to clime about one trillion dollars a year – until 2008. Under President Barack Obama the debt continues to clime at an Accelerated rate. Over a trillion a year and his last proposed budget is for over four (4) trillion dollars which will put our debt at over twenty two (22) trillion dollars. The national GDP was at twenty one (21) trillion. In short, under the Democrat Barack Obama, the United States has effectively gone bankrupt – if he manages to get the Congress to pass his entire over four (4) trillion dollar slam dunk to destroy the American government – just as he planned. (

    It is my opinion that this country and its government, if it is to survive, needs a manager at the helm. A businessman who knows the ins-and-outs of banking and making a profit. A person who has gone through the trials of success and loss and come out ahead. Better for having been through the hard times and succeeded. I believe that Donald Trump is that person.

    Donald Trump pushed Jeb Bush to defend his brother. How could Jeb accept his brother’s aid in campaigning if he doubted his brother – and by the way – with his brother knowing that? Trump did both brothers a kindness by what he did. It isn’t every day you find a candidate who will reach out to help an opponent. Many have actually listened to what was said, who said it, and watched to facial expressions. You are right, it is very difficult for someone who has never known hardship to relate to poverty in America. Jeb doesn’t have a clue. In his mind, it is still the prosperous years of the past. He is so fortunate to have such fine memories and I sincerely wish for him to be able to always keep them.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Ella, when George W. Bush took office, there was a budget surplus.

      Every year that George W. Bush was in office, there was a budget deficit.

      Think it through, Ella.

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