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Why I will Never Join the Democratic Party (2016 Edition)

In 2015, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz used her position as head of the Democratic Party to shove presidential debates onto low-viewer weekend nights after two challengers appeared to run alongside then-frontrunner Hillary Clinton.  Wasserman Schultz is an open, avowed Clinton supporter.

That was then, this is now, and Bernie Sanders is winning the hearts and minds of Democratic Party voters.  Now that Hillary Clinton is behind, all of a sudden Debbie Wasserman Schultz has scheduled extra debates, during well-watched weeknight prime time hours.  Also, Wassermam Schultz has just announced that the DNC she leads has decided to drop its ban on accepting lobbyist dollars and corporate political action cash.  This move will benefit Hillary Clinton, who has agreed to take such big money contributions from powerful political insiders, and will harm Bernie Sanders, who has pledged not to accept such funds.

One of the premises of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign is that what we call a democracy is actually a rigged system for and by the rich.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz is making his point well.  Why should I ever join the Democratic Party as a member when it takes such pains to create an uneven field for democracy?

9 thoughts on “Why I will Never Join the Democratic Party (2016 Edition)”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    Your point is well taken. But even more important is that all three of the people you mentioned are dedicated activists who are promoting unlimited government. Unlimited government always leads to loss of individual liberty. Usually, total loss.

    1. Jim says:

      Unlimited democratic government often leads to diminished power for those who seek to govern others’ lives through religious, military or economic means and have extraordinary power of those sorts. It often leads to greater power and freedom for a wider range of people.

    2. J Clifford says:

      Al, can you show us concrete evidence that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are promoting unlimited government – not just more powerful government, but unlimited government?

      Using absolute terms like “unlimited” makes your argument much less credible, I think.

      Do they have plans to extend the power of government to the Andromeda Galaxy? To force the leashing of cats?

  2. Marshall alum -Vietnam vet says:

    First, let’s define the Republican Party. This isn’t even the Republican Party of Nixon, who actually signed the EPA into existence. This is a Republican Party owned and controlled by millionaires and billionaires, especially Mega-Billionaires: the Waltons, Koch Bros. and Sheldon Adelson, etc. They are Oligarchs-Plutocrats who have been attacking the Unions and Middle-class since Reagan started it. It’s no wonder these Ultra-Greedy sociopaths want to put Reagan’s mug on Mt. Rushmore. I’d vote for Mt. Flushmore! This Republican Party can correctly be defined as Neo-Fascist. This election cycle is certainly one of the worst in U.S. history. When you take a close look at all of the (R) candidates, including the ones who have dropped out, you see a group of politicians, and politician-wanna-be types like T-Rump, who are some of the biggest liars we have ever seen running for President. And, they aren’t just liars, they are very dangerous liars. If any of them get into the W.H., the attack on the Unions and Middle-class will get even more intense than it is now. The federal minimum wage is at a poverty level for a family of 4 and the (R)ats want to keep it that way. The concentration of wealth into the hands of a very tiny group of people has taken our country back, in many ways, to the Gilded Age. World War II created the Middle-class and then in the 1970’s, the Plutocrat class decided the Unions and the Middle-class had gotten too powerful and it was time to put them back into their “proper place”—under the feet of the Ultra-Rich. So this class warfare that Reagan kicked-off continues and the downward spiral of income of the Middle-class and Poor will keep going if a Republican gets in the W.H. Against a lot of odds, voters in high population areas all over the U.S., saw what anti-Middle-class monsters the Republican Party promoted and voted against them. How else did Barack Obama win 2 presidential elections? McCain -Palin or Romney-Ryan! Which pair was worse? Could anyone really imagine Poo-thetic Palin as President? So, what has been the propaganda game for the (R)’s for many, many years? GGG and A, God, Guns, Gays and Abortion. They use those over and over to suck in people who are poorly educated, brain-washed and just too dumb to see that a roof over your head, food on the table, affordable medical care and public education are the real, primary concerns for a very high percentage of Americans. T-Rump’s blasting, crap-filled mouth and his #1 (R) position are proof-positive that easily-influenced, gullible Americans are just “play dough” in the hands of these political and social maniacs.

    As for the (D) Party, I understand fully what Jim Cook is saying. It looks like the (D) Party leadership has also been bought off in many ways to the detriment of the majority of Americans. It was Bill Clinton who signed the Bill that destroyed Glass-Steagall. Bill said it wasn’t needed anymore! It was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA and CAFTA into law, sending huge numbers of American jobs out of our country. Obama came out of one of the most corrupt areas in our country–Chicago. Note how he assisted in bailing out the banksters, but hasn’t gone after them for all of their fraud / criminal behavior. Jamie Dimon is the perfect example of “too powerful to jail.” Obama’s campaign stated he would end the U.S. involvement in the Middle-East wars, but he hasn’t done it. Yes, he got Osama binLaden and he has mostly gotten ZERO credit for that. But American military lives continue to be lost and huge amounts of U.S. taxpayer dollars continue to be wasted in a civil war that has been going on for 1,400 years! LBJ cooperated with the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower correctly warned against, so did Clinton and so has Obama. Hillary and Bernie are angels compared to the rotten snakes on the (R) side. But I see Hillary (Billary or sHillary as some say), as too connected to the Wall St. / MIC / millionaire-billionaire class. Bernie, on the other hand, speaks the truth about the Wall St. / MIC / millionaire-billionaire class and how our democracy is being destroyed by these Plutocrats. The Democratic Party must go back to representing the 95% of Americans and stop playing ball with the Plutocrats. If not, then Hello Amerika and Hello an enormously worse Gilded Age, which took off with 666–Rotten Ronnie Reagan.

    1. Dave says:

      Vietnam Vet, what planet are you on? American’s average individual net worth has declined forty percent under Wall Street’s bought and paid for candidate Obama. Goodbye, middle class. Democrats are not on your side, Dude, any more than Republicans. The choice you are being handed is Corporate Capitalism on rye or Corporate Capitalism on wheat. As for me, I might write in Jim Cook this time around. No party affiliation is the biggest plus I can think of.

  3. James J Devine says:

    Refusing to participate is surrendering to the forces you say you hate. Obviously, the rich and powerful that control the GOP want to have the same influence over Democrats but for now, there is a chance to stop them. We can work together to vanquish the plutocrats and their servants or hide under the bed crying about the rigged economy and all the injustice in the world. Those who would run away should understand, they will find you. For evil to flourish, good men only need do nothing. I would rather fight back. I believe in America and I believe there is still a chance to succeed. Of course, we must all hang together or we will all surely hang separately, so get off your high horse and enroll in the Democratic Party so you are eligible to vote for Bernie Sanders. And tell the Sanders campaign leadership that hundreds, if not thousands, of people are willing to run for office at the local level, for state offices and for Congress, so they should accept the help from those who would join this political revolution. All hands on deck! This is a fight we must win.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Being a Democratic Party member and enabling Democratic Party corruption by contributing to hierarchical Democratic Party structure is not the only way to participate in the democratic political system, Mr. Devine. Don’t think that your characterization of non-membership in your Party with hiding under a bed is going to change my mind. I’m not going to fall for your line. As you know, there are plenty of independent ways to participate in politics and frankly your message only makes me more glad I’ve chosen those rather than the Party line.

  4. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Being an Indepdent or joining a third party like the Green Party, Socialist Party USA, Peace & Freedom Party, etc?

    1. J Clifford says:

      Well, I’ve been an independent voter for many, many years.

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