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Pope Who?

Today I’ve been in the city of Rome, and the trinket trade is immediately noticeable.  Being symbiotically attached to the Vatican City as a remora to a shark (you guess which one is which), there are a lot of papal trinkets around.

 pope john paul ii and pope francis  on postcards for sale in rome 
Whether it’s in papal postcards, fake marble papal busts or papal bobble-head dolls, two popes’ likenesses are for sale: those of John Paul II and Francis.

 pope francis bobble head doll and fake marble pope john paul ii bust 
Francis is the current pope.  John Paul is now three popes ago.  Noticeably missing from any souvenir items is the face of a certain Ratzinger, former Pope Benedict. In my trips across the city of Rome today I’ve seen many things.  A Benedict bobble head is not among them.  Apparently, some infallible inheritors of the keys to God’s Glory are more worthy than others.

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