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Beware The Cansema Scam – No Evidence It Cures Cancer

Just this morning, Irregular Times published an article debunking the conspiracy theory that mainstream medicine possesses a secret cure for cancer that it refuses to share with the public because oncologists are evil people who like to profit from other people’s death and misery.

This afternoon, yet another example of this delusion has popped up on our web site, in defiance of plain reason. One of our readers, Bruce Nappi, insists that “We know profit is the reason the drug companies are refusing to work on new vaccines.”

This statement should serve as a warning sign that an medically ignorant assertion is about to be made. After all, anti-cancer vaccines to treat or prevent 14 different kinds of cancer are currently undergoing clinical trials.

Sure enough, Mr. Nappi dropped a medical conspiracy in no time flat. Nappi referred us to a shady operation, going under the names Alpha Omega Labs and Lumen Food Corporation, which sells desperate cancer patients a substance that it calls Cansema, a caustic salve that Alpha Omega claims has the “ability to discriminate between healthy and cancerous tissue” as well as the function of a “remedy for skin cancer”.

Cansema is listed by the FDA as one of 187 fake cancer cures to avoid. The New Zealand Ministry of Health notes that, despite the claims of Alpha Omega, Cansema burns away health tissue and cancer cells without discrimination, often leaving people with nasty holes in their flesh, but without any cure of cancer.

fake cancer treatment black salve

Alpha Omega Labs echoes the conspiracy theory of hucksters like David Avocado Wolfe, claiming that, “Only suppression and greed have prevented its enormous benefits from being made available to the mainstream.” Actually, what’s interfered with the availability of Cansema to the mainstream is that there is no evidence whatsoever that the product does anything but create painful lesions in people’s bodies. There have never been any successful clinical trials of Cansema, or of any product like it.

The people who sell Cansema play a deadly game with consumer protection laws, promoting their product as one of “Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures” and “The Latest Development in Immunomodulation for Cancer & Other Degenerative Disorders”, and then only later down the page offering a disclaimer that “For U.S. Users: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

Anyone with a small amount of critical reasoning and rational detachment can spot the signs that Cansema is a fraud. Alpha Omega Labs asserts that, “Cansema is a miraculous product with a miraculous history with roots that go back to the late 19th century.” No reputable company would ever claim that its medicines perform miracles, because such claims cannot be scientifically verified.

The Federal Trade Commission specifically mentions Cansema, under the name “black salve” as a scam that consumers should beware of: “Scammers take advantage of the feelings that can accompany a diagnosis of cancer. They promote unproven – and potentially dangerous – remedies like black salve, essiac tea, or laetrile with claims that the products are both “natural” and effective. But “natural” doesn’t mean either safe or effective when it comes to using these treatments for cancer. In fact, a product that is labeled “natural,” can be more than ineffective: it can be downright harmful.”

Among the downright harmful effects of Cansema is the burning away of significant parts of patients’ faces. Quack Watch shares some disturbing photographic evidence of this particular kind of snake oil.

In 2004, Greg Canton, the President of – the web site Bruce Nappi referred us to – was convicted and sentenced to prison for mail fraud. He was also found to be in possession of an illegal hoard of firearms (as a previously convicted felon, Canton had lost his 2nd amendment right to bear arms). Because is officially based in the Bahamas, rather than in the United States, American officials have been unable to shut the web site down, despite the fact that it continues to be used for criminal activities.

All of this information is easy to find, though it has not been compiled together until now. Any person who truly wanted to evaluate whether Cansema is a trustworthy cancer therapy would find this critical information. The ease with which the dark history of Cansema can be discovered suggests that anybody who promotes its use is either delusional or callous to the suffering of other human beings.

One thought on “Beware The Cansema Scam – No Evidence It Cures Cancer”

  1. ella says:

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    Although there are undoubtedly physicians who are highly principled, in my experience, there are a great many associated with cancer patients who see only money and do actually exploit both patients and their families. Both my mother and father died from cancer after many years of smoking. Cancer Centers of America are the best treatment areas I know for beneficial treatment and kindness in the treatment process. Unfortunately, by the time they had an opening and called me, it was too late. Keep hope for H 86.

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