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Donald Trump Was For The Iraq War Before He Was Against It

Donald Trump has tried to distinguish himself from other Republicans as having some kind of common sense, in spite of all of his bigotry against Muslims and Hispanics and women and people with disabilities and gays and… oh gosh, pretty much the human race… by claiming that, unlike all the other Republicans, at least he didn’t lie to the American people about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. Donald Trump, this line of argument has gone, may act like a total jackass, but at least he opposed going to war in Iraq.

Today, we’ve found out that, actually, Donald Trump is just as much of a liar about the Iraq War as all the other Republican presidential candidates. It turns out that Donald Trump, although he has claimed to have been against going to war in Iraq, was actually recorded on tape telling a big radio audience that he thought George W. Bush’s plan to start a war in Iraq looked like a good idea to him.

Never get Behind a tRump

If you want an honest presidential candidate, don’t vote for Donald Trump. If you want an anti-war candidate, Donald Trump is not a reasonable choice.

If you want to support a candidate who truly opposed the Iraq War, and did so consistently, support Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein. They were against the Iraq War from the start, and never changed their positions to follow the whims of popular opinion.

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