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Donald Trump: “The African Americans Love Me.” The African Americans in SC: “0%”

“I am going to do great with the African Americans…. The African Americans love me.”  — Donald Trump, January 24, 2016

In between declarations about how these kinds of people are no good, how those kinds of people are just losers, and how maybe a black visitor to his rally deserved to get roughed up for not sufficiently appreciating his candidacy, Donald Trump has repeatedly indicated that black people are going to flock to him in droves.  “The African Americans love me,” Trump croons.

Well, it is a possibility.  But now that people are actually casting votes, that possibility in Donald Trump’s mind can be tested against observable reality.  On February 10, exit pollers were unable to identify a single Iowa or New Hampshire resident who was both black and voting for Donald Trump.  The polls closed last night (February 20) in South Carolina, a state in which 27.3% of the population identifies as black or African American.  What did the exit polls there show?  According to CNN exit polls, Donald Trump won 33% of the white vote in South Carolina, a greater share than any other candidate.  In a stark contrast, CNN’s exit poll couldn’t find evidence of any black voters in South Carolina casting their vote for Donald Trump.  The New York Times’ separate exit poll likewise concluded that Donald Trump won the greatest share of white votes in South Carolina.  Like the CNN exist poll, New York Times’ exit poll couldn’t find evidence of any black South Carolinians voting for Donald Trump.  Instead, the New York Times found that Trump’s support came disproportionately from white evangelicals and white born-again Christians.

In between the chunks of vitriol flying out of his mouth, Donald Trump can keep insisting that “the African Americans love me” — but as Americans actually cast their votes, reality demonstrates the opposite.


37 thoughts on “Donald Trump: “The African Americans Love Me.” The African Americans in SC: “0%””

  1. Frank says:

    Here it’s the Cookie again! The “black visitor” , BLM, was being disruptive and just like conservative ones have been removed from Democratic speeches he was removed from Trump’s. Objectivity not your strength, i see. Secondly, calling a billionaire , private business owner, creator of jobs, loser, when the leftist leeches live off tax payer money…it’s laughable. More. It’s obvious blacks, by large majority, will not vote for Trump or any of the GOP candidates! After years of brainwashing from the left and after have been confined in the “handouts plantation” by the Democrats, what do you expect! 7 years of their “boy” in the WH and more poverty than ever among them, STILL doesn’t deter the AA community from voting along racial or party line. They’re just putting no brain in it: if it’s Democrat, it’s good!! Willfully keeping peole ignorant and dividing them along race lines, great leftist tactics. Thank God they are not the majority, we still have hope. If you think this is democracy…

    1. Jim Cook says:

      They beat the guy up at a public event, not a private one, and Trump said he deserved it.

      I notice you’ve changed your tune.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Don’t believe anything that Jim Cook or Irregular Times says that Trump says without a quote.
        Good journalists use them.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Um, Korky, I indicated both a quote and a source in the article. You’re kind of going unhinged here.

          1. Korky Day says:

            Your article did NOT have an actual quote to that effect, Jim Cook.
            It has an indirect quote with the word ‘maybe’.
            So Trump did NOT say that the protester deserved anything other than being thrown out.
            ‘Maybe’ is not support for an idea, it is wondering out loud.

            When you wrote that you included a source, I looked again.
            Then I thought that maybe some people are using red type now to indicate a link instead of the standard blue. So I clicked on it and what do you know? It worked. I bet those people are really proud of themselves for fooling me with red type. Ain’t they hip?

            So who’s going unhinged? I or the journalist who errs as above–and who types ‘Um’ when he can’t think of what to type next?

          2. Jim Cook says:

            1. “I am going to do great with the African Americans…. The African Americans love me.” — Donald Trump, January 24, 2016

            Quoted with source.

            2. Reference to Donald Trump saying that the gentleman deserved to be roughed up:

            Not quoted or claimed as a quote. Sourced.

          3. Jim Cook says:

            Trump said, and now I quote, “maybe he should have been roughed up.” I already cited the source, and now here’s the quote.

            On that note, Trump has now declared of another protester, “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Trump continued on to complain that it’s not like the old days when protesters would be “carried out on stretchers.” Source:

            The man you support is at best sick and at worst in support of demagogic, violent mob mentality. Your continued support of him is creepy.

          4. Korky Day says:

            Your quote, Jim Cook, uses the word maybe.
            I’ll take that as a concession.

            As far as him feeling he’d like to punch someone, as someone almost his age, I can certainly remember the 1950s when such behaviour was standard, and not always bad.
            He’d like to, but he didn’t say he would.
            Nevertheless, I agree that such a comment today is a bit over the line.
            Such things are why he’s my 3rd choice, not 1st.
            His positive traits still put him up that high.
            Still better than Hillary’s bad policies and actions.

  2. Korky Day says:

    You don’t KNOW that it’s 0%, Jim Cook. You have some hints, but no proof. Maybe people fibbed to the questioners. Maybe not enough were asked. I might believe 3%, but not 0%, which I think is unlikely. So you fail the word that Irregular Times loves: fact-checking.

    I agree with a minority of Frank’s points.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      No, Korky. Read the text of the actual article. Read very closely what I said. I did NOT say there was not a single black person in South Carolina who voted for Trump. I DID say that exit pollsters in two sets didn’t find a single black person who voted for Trump in their exit polls. There is a difference, and it’s why I said what I said.

      1. Korky Day says:

        In grade school I learned that zero percent means none. I guess you had better teachers than I did, Jim Cook.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Take a class on polling some time if you really want to figure it out.

          1. Korky Day says:

            Since you, Jim Cook, are too lazy to tell me, you suggest I take a class.
            What would i learn? That some lazy pollsters refer to 0.00001% (for example) as 0%?

            Unlike you and them, I don’t mind the work of hitting those extra zeros just so I don’t mislead my readers.

          2. Jim Cook says:

            No, they’re not lazy exit pollsters. They’re exit pollsters who were unable to find evidence in their work of any black support for Donald Trump in South Carolina in their polling sample.

          3. Korky Day says:

            Cryptic non-sequitur.
            You haven’t refuted my points.

            Jim Cook says: Feb 22, 2016 ‘They beat the guy up at a public event, not a private one, and Trump said he deserved it.’

            No source of yours shows he said the guy should be roughed up.
            ‘Source’ is not a good verb.

          4. Jim Cook says:

            Stop apologizing for a brute.

          5. Korky Day says:

            You’re ignoring my point, Jim Cook, that it’s lazy to call a small number zero.

          6. Jim Cook says:

            No, it’s statistical to use a sample from reject the hypothesis that a population number is significantly distinguishable from zero.

          7. Korky Day says:

            Maybe, Jim Cook, when statisticians talk with each other.
            (My girlfriend is one.)
            But when talking to the public, it’s misleading.

            I just heard that Donald Trump wants to fill Guantanamo with more prisoners.
            I now agree, he is brutish. If he doesn’t smarten up, he’s going to lose in November.
            And since he wants to win and he is smart, he just might soften that stance, maybe after he gets the nomination. I hope so.

            On the bright side, if Trump wins the presidency, he might have no coat-tails. He might have a Democratic Congress.
            That would be good.

          8. Jim Cook says:

            Statistical language is not actively misleading. Some people might, receptively speaking, not understand. Inferential should be a stronger component of quantitative education.

          9. Korky Day says:

            Are you saying, Jim Cook, that it’s all right for a journalist to confuse the reader?

          10. Jim Cook says:

            I’m saying that the reader should take ownership of confusion.

          11. Korky Day says:

            I say the journalist should take responsibility, which is why I’m a better journalist than you, Jim Cook.

            Do you know the deep meaning of ‘The customer is always right’?
            It’s that the business person shouldn’t simply blame the customer, which they tend to do if they are not competent business people.

          12. Jim Cook says:

            I’m not a journalist, and you’re not a customer, and this is not a business.

          13. Korky Day says:

            That explains why you don’t get analogies, Jim Cook.

          14. Jim Cook says:

            I get analogies when the situation is analagous. I’m telling you it’s not analagous, that you shouldn’t think of yourself as purchasing my kindness or of me as your clerk.

          15. Korky Day says:

            You don’t get the analogy.
            A good writer doesn’t blame the reader for not understanding if the writer easily could have written it better so it wouldn’t have been confusing.
            Just like the business owner doesn’t blame the customer for being unsatisfied unnecessarily.

          16. J Clifford says:

            No, Korky, the difference here is that you’re choosing to adopt the pose of not understanding because you don’t want to admit how beastly Donald Trump is.

            You’ve got ideological blindness. That’s not our problem.

            When you’re racist, you’re not a customer who gets to be taken seriously after blabbing about always being right. Racists aren’t taken seriously here.

            But, if you want a racist quote from Donald Trump, okay. Fine. They’re not difficult to find. How about this one: “Laziness is a trait in blacks.”

            Nice candidate you’ve got there, Korky.

          17. Korky Day says:

            Now there’s a quote which does sound racist.
            Why wasn’t it in the article?
            Because it’s not from him or out of context or 50 years ago?

          18. J Clifford says:

            Because, Korky, there is SO MUCH racist material from Donald Trump to sort through.

            I could give you the racist quote where Donald Trump slurs both African-Americans and Jews within 20 seconds.

            Here’s the problem, though. I don’t think you can restrict racism to just times where people say things like “Black people are stupid,” or “You’re a nigger.”

            That’s flag-waving, lights-blaring, no-fooling racism.

            Most racism isn’t like that.

            Did I really have to bring out the of-course-that’s-racism-racism to make it plain to you that Donald Trump is a racist?

          19. Korky Day says:

            You can withhold as much as want, J Clifford, but then how will you convince us?

            If it’s unconvincing evidence, then you’ll convince only those already inclined to oppose Trump.

            I call your bluff: go ahead and tell us the ambiguous or unclear evidence to which you referred.

          20. J Clifford says:

            You joke. Surely you joke.

            Donald Trump’s campaign arranged a special interview, and privileged press access, to a David Duke associate with the most widespread white supremacist radio show in the USA.


            What on Earth do you need, Korky?

            Predictably, you said that it proves nothing.

            One more pebble on the mountain of evidence for Donald Trump’s racism, and each and every pebble doesn’t count.


          21. Korky Day says:

            You’re still withholding the results of that meeting.

    2. ella says:

      Blacks still believe in secret ballot. They will lie to anyone who asks how the will vote and who they voted for.

  3. Korky Day says:

    Diamond and Silk are the 2 most famous Black supporters of Donald Trump.
    They are from the other Carolina.

    1. ella says:

      “The polls closed last night (February 20) in South Carolina, a state in which 27.3% of the population identifies as black or African American. What did the exit polls there show? According to CNN exit polls, Donald Trump won 33% of the white vote in South Carolina, a greater share than any other candidate. ”

      There is also the point that most blacks are very religious if you consider how much time they spend in church.

  4. Gloria J Fritzler McMillian says:

    ummm I would hope the blacks would love Donald, because no other President has done a thing to help them except to hold them down. Giving freebies to blacks is discrimination in a big way. And I am in a black family and we like Trump.

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