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In The GOP, Only John Kasich Is Addressing This International Crisis

Tonight, America will find out which presidential candidate wins the Republican caucuses in Nevada, but we already know one thing: The climate of our planet will be the loser.

There is only one Republican presidential candidate left on the ballot who acknowledges that climate change is real and that it is caused by human activity. That candidate is John Kasich – a right wing ideologue, but one with enough plain sense to acknowledge that the future of life on Earth is in danger.

(Of course, being a Republican, Kasich hems and haws a bit, refusing to say that human activity is a dominant cause of global warming. For a member of the Republican Party, which has become a bastion of antiscientific sentiment, even Kasich’s weak statements are remarkable.)

There are serious consequences to climate change, and they’re happening right now, not in some hypothetical future. Sea levels are now rising faster than they have in the last two and a half millennia. Research by a team of scientists cooperating from 14 difference academic institutions have concluded that most of the forests in the United States are now under threat from climate change. Climate change is causing massive disequilibrium in marine food webs.

Another team, led by Joeri Rogelj, a climate scientist of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, released an analysis today that concludes that the opportunity for human beings to slow down climate change by altering industrial processes will be gone much sooner than previous climatological analyses have predicted.

In the face of all the scientific evidence, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz won’t even acknowledge the reality of the crisis we face. Republican voters in Nevada may vigorously debate the relative merits of these three politicians today, but not one of them has shown the wisdom necessary to sit competently in the White House a year from now.

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