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Register Your Own No Trump Zone

It’s a disorienting feeling, to wake up to the sound of the mainstream media acknowledging that Donald Trump is a real presidential candidate who appears to be in sync with the Republican voters profoundly brutal range of moral values, but here we are. Super Tuesday 2016 is now less than a week away, and Donald Trump appears to have the support in those primary elections that he will need to make his nomination with the GOP all but guaranteed.

Across the nation, people with traditional, simple trust in the values of liberty, justice, peace, democracy and the rule of law are trying to regain a sense of equilibrium. They’re asking, what can I do?

A couple of Belgians have developed a tool for this moment. It offers us a first step: Register your opposition to the Trump agenda.

Go to their site, No Trump Zone, and follow their instructions to place a marker on a map of the world, showing that, where you are, at least one person is making a statement that the movement for extremist nationalism in the United States will not move forward without resistance.

3 thoughts on “Register Your Own No Trump Zone”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Naive, dull people were just as horrified with Presidents Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt.
    They turned out to be relatively good presidents, though people thought the sky was falling before they were elected.
    Yes, Trump attracts some haters to his rallies, but he then re-directs most of their energies into electoral politics instead of violence.
    His genius uses humour, hope, brains, plain talking, and seemingly genuine sympathy for the lower classes.

    I know that some of you fear that he’s a Hitler, but there’s really no sign of that.
    For one thing, Trump is much funnier and self-deprecating than Hitler.
    He mentions Chris Christie’s fatness and then says that he himself is too heavy.
    People can relate to that!

    For one thing, his supposed gaffes reinforce to the listener that he does NOT have a speech-writer!
    If he were a phony, he’d get speech-writers to cover up that fact!

  2. John says:

    HAHAHAHA “No trump zone” HAHAHAHA
    What are you so worried about? Don’t you have FAITH in your lib candidates that their unmatched excellence will give them the victory easily? I mean don’t all you libtards like to imagine that just because your able to whine and cry bully your agendas through to law that everybody else in the world will love them too? Exactly my point, trump is going president for that very reason and no other. All the establishment clowns have failed us miserably. Trump is the only hope of getting someone in their with our best interests at heart. Quit drinking so much hateraid guys. I suppose your all ecstatic about that supreme court judge that died (with a pillow over his head and no autopsy) so.Obama can stick it to this country one more time on his way out. The left is out of control and there needs to be an uprising from the constituents in your party! They throw you scraps and your happy with it. Like legalizing gay marriage was hard for them. But it sure shut you guys up didn’t it? Sad

  3. Korky Day says:

    Donald Trump is going down in my esteem, though, with his recent stupid comments about Guantanamo.
    However, he’s still the only Republican with any charisma.

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