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Would you Give a Kidney to a Stranger?

There are a lot of complicated questions in life, and here at Irregular Times we tend to be attracted to those complicated questions.  But today I feel like asking a simple question: would you save a stranger’s life if you could?

You can do just that by giving a kidney to a stranger.

If you’re healthy, you don’t need both kidneys.  On the other hand, some people out there don’t have a single functioning kidney, and they’ll die without one.  Kidney transplant has been working better and better over time, but the wait is long in the United States, a median waiting time of 3.6 years before transplant.

In 2014, 181 people in the United States did just that.  You could save the life of someone you don’t know with a low-risk operation.  Visit this page from the National Kidney Foundation to find out how.


2 thoughts on “Would you Give a Kidney to a Stranger?”

  1. John says:

    Is the person that needs the kidney a Christian? Because if he is he’s in deep s***! He will get no help from anyone on this blog

    1. Jim Cook says:


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