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Senate Republicans: We’d Keep Jesus Christ off the Supreme Court in order to Stop Barack Obama

Why does the GOP hate Jesus?

We could legitimately ask that question this week, to the extent that we believe Jesus Christ to be both real and currently in existence.  This is the week in which Republicans in the United States Senate formally declared that they would:

  • refuse to confirm,
  • refuse to hold votes on,
  • refuse to hold hearings on,
  • refuse to read materials about,
  • refuse to even informally meet

any possible nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States who is nominated by President Barack Obama.

Are Senate Republicans refusing to do their work to “advise and consent” because they don’t like the particular nominee named by President Barack Obama?  No — President Obama hasn’t named any nominee.  Not knowing who that nominee might be, the Senate Republicans have declared that anybody at all who the President might nominate to take an empty place on the Supreme Court will be utterly rejected, stymied, stalled, put off and not even given the courtesy of a meeting.   Never before in United States history has any party in Congress acted to make such a blanket ban of absolutely any and every Supreme Court nominee of a president. President Barack Obama could nominate Jesus Christ to sit on the Supreme Court and the Republican Party has closed ranks to declare that they’d block Him.

If the GOP is going to so starkly stall any and all Supreme Court nominees without reason, we have to confront the extremes of the course to which GOP Senators are committed.  In the face of such absurdity, it is only reasonable to ask:

Why do the Republicans hate Jesus?

Why does the GOP hate Jesus?

P.S. Among the Republican senators signing their names onto a motion to prohibit all formal or informal consideration of any Supreme Court nominee, the name of GOP Senator Ted Cruz is prominent.  If Ted Cruz is going to reject absolutely everybody, he is rejecting every single body. So let’s make this particular:

Why does Ted Cruz hate Jesus?

One thought on “Senate Republicans: We’d Keep Jesus Christ off the Supreme Court in order to Stop Barack Obama”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Judge Maryanne Trump Barry.

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