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The Last Thing America Needs Is A Fighter In Chief

Today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has been plagued by investigations into abuses of power, endorsed the candidacy of Donald Trump for President today. “There is no better fighter than Donald Trump,” Christie said.

Christie meant that as a complement, but I can’t help but regard it an as indictment. Our country has been devastated by the consequences of the violent impulses of the last Republican President, George W. Bush, who was all too eager to fight.

We don’t need a Fighter-In-Chief. Instead, we need a wise and balanced leader who has the ability to regard challenging situations in a nuanced way, and come up with complex, diplomatically sophisticated solutions. Donald Trump is profoundly ill-equipped to provide us with this quality of leadership.

Donald Trump is very good at picking fights. That’s why he will not receive the support of responsible adults.

5 thoughts on “The Last Thing America Needs Is A Fighter In Chief”

  1. Frank says:

    We had two (2) plagues for the past 16 years to be fair. The idiot in chief, Bush, who’s got us in two wars (Trump said that) and the incompetent in chief, Obama, who has brought socialist ideas to a whooping 19 trillion dollars debt. Let’s not forget the sluggish economy (no matter how they trumpet sluggish), the almost disappearing of the middle class, and the extreme racially charged presidency. You can say whatever you want, but anything at this point is better then any Clinton or Sanders, who will just bring the same failing ideas, if not worse, into our society. Every single social program that Democrats have supported had the only result of transforming our cities into ghettos, increase the number of poor, increase he number of people on welfare. Christie’s got acquitted of all charges without exercising executive privilege (like Obama in Fast and Furious)..while Clinton is still in an ocean of poo poo and DOJ/FBI still looking into a clear violation of our Nation Security. Let’s not forget the Benghazi clown show that the Obama administration put up, on 4 dead bodies, and the continuous obstruction of justice at every level of the investigation. let’s be fair at least. No one is a saint..

    1. J Clifford says:

      No, Frank, it is not true to say ANYTHING would be better than Sanders or Clinton.

      ANTYHING includes a carnivorous alien invasion and a giant tsunami that wipes out half the nation’s population.

      Donald Trump isn’t that bad, but Frank, didn’t you see the last Republican debate? How can you seriously support such childish behavior? They were acting like 12 year-old boys.

      1. Al Hopfmann says:

        Yes, I agree, 12 year old boys do not make good Presidents. But a senile old socialist who wants to spend other peoples money his way, whether they like it or not, and a communist hag who wants to rule the world with her lecherous husband would be even worse.

        1. J Clifford says:

          There is no evidence that Bernie Sanders has the least bit of senility. His mind has been shown to be quite sharp, much sharper than those of conservative commentators on Fox News.

          Hillary Clinton is not a Communist. If you want to criticize her for being in the pocket of Wall Street capitalists, but this Communism argument is just ridiculous, Al. Hillary Clinton has never announced any plan to rule the world.

          If you want to criticize Democrats, Al, that’s fine. But use reality to do so, please.

  2. Korky Day says:

    You might be right, J Clifford. Though you could just as easily be wrong.

    Donald Trump’s ‘yuge’ ego allows him to think that he could broker a lasting peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians.
    He spoke about it quite a bit in last night’s debate. No president since Jimmy Carter has tried much to do that.
    They don’t feel up to the challenge, I suspect. Trump does.

    On the bright side, Trump might just be brilliantly luring wrestling fans into politics.

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