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Why Is Illegal Immigration A Big Republican Issue?

Last night, the Republican presidential candidates spent the first 25 minutes of their debate talking about the dangers of illegal immigration. Why?

During the time that Barack Obama has been President of the United States, the number of Mexicans living in the United States without legal authorization has dropped by 1.3 million.

There is no immigration crisis. There is no border crisis. There is no crisis.

Yet, the last Republican debate before Super Tuesday opened up with a lengthy debate of who would be toughest against immigration.

The reason for this astonishing discrepancy between reality and the GOP presidential candidate focus on illegal immigration is that the Republican Party is interested in pandering to an enduring racist fear of foreigners who don’t have light-colored skin.

When Donald Trump declared that “The United States has become a dumping ground for Mexico and, in fact, for many other parts of the world.”, he was merely recycling an old talking point from the Ku Klux Klan.

18 years ago, KKK Grand Wizard David Duke used the same line. He said: “The third world nations such as Mexico are dumping their chaff onto American shores at the highest rate in history.”

No matter when you ask them about immigration policy, American nationalists will always tell you that the USA is facing a crisis. That’s because they believe that the mixing of Americans with foreigners is a crisis. It’s because they believe that the mixing of Europeans with non-Europeans is a crisis. It’s because they have an agenda of racist hatred that remains at a consistent fever pitch at all times. They will keep on pushing that nationalist agenda because they know that the Silent Majority understands the code: English Only, White Only.

21 thoughts on “Why Is Illegal Immigration A Big Republican Issue?”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Just because the problem is receding at the moment doesn’t mean it’s over or won’t recur.
    Same with unemployment. That’s why Bernie Sanders is doing well:
    forced idleness persisted during Bill Clinton’s and Obama’s terms.
    Of course, Republicans in Congress are mostly to blame for that.

    You wrote, Peregrin Wood: ‘debate of who would be toughest against immigration.’
    No, none of the them are against immigration. They are against illegal immigration.
    They don’t mind legal immigration of any race.

    If White Canadians were driving down wages in the USA, they’d want to build a northern wall.
    That’s why non-Whites support that position. I’m a Brown emigrant from the USA.

    1. K says:

      You are correct, illegal immigration is the issue, not law abiding immigrants that take the legal process to citizenship. People are trying to make it look as though Republicans are racist, not the case at all.

  2. Korky Day says:

    Why am I defending those horrible Republicans? Because you are unfairly criticising them.
    The same as I defend Democrats when they are being unfairly criticised.
    Both parties are often wrong, which is why I’m a Green and why Bernie was not a Democrat or Republican.

  3. Mark says:

    I would like to know exactly how illegal immigration is harming our country. Are illegal immigrants taking away jobs that other Americans want? Are they using a lot of resources and services so that other Americans can’t get access to them? Are they causing an undue amount of crime?

  4. John says:

    Them manipulating people into believing that there is illegal immigration crisis is about as stupid as you continuing to bring up rhetoric about the KKK! If the inferred damage being caused by illegal immigration is a fallacy then the fact that you keep bringing up and archaic outdated insignificant and otherwise invisible groups of white supremists is just as outrageous! Quit being such a hypocrite! Your continuously trying to stir up hatred, and fear against white people by bringing up stupid topics about the KKK and such! Quit being a hypocrite! When is the last time there was any serious newsworthy story that came up regarding the KKK? What? They support Donald Trump? So what! I wonder how many Black Power organizations supported Obama! Are you writing stupid blogs about them when It was going on? No you werent because you’re a hypocrite! If your going to be biased that’s fine. But you cross the line

    1. peregrin Wood says:

      John, this isn’t about one organization, the KKK. It’s about systemic racism in America, and a growing racist movement that has included Trump rallies where African-Americans have been beaten up. When was the last time an unarmed African-American was shot by a police officer, John?

      I am not seeking to stir up fear and hatred of “white” people. I am sounding the alarm about racists. There is a BIG difference. The majority of Americans of European ancestry do not agree with Donald Trump’s ideology of hate.

      1. John says:

        Oh please cops are out of control no matter what race, or gender you are!!!!! And yes, i do wonder why you continually bring up the KKK A as if they are making headline news. Your always telling me that i need to”calm down, there is no Islamic crisis”; when there most certainly is! Then you turn around and say that white on black racism in America is growing? Then provide no backup info to validate your claim? Your a typical leftie always pulling the race card because it’s worked so well for you in the past. Why don’t you stop feat mongering, and talk about real issues like how corrupt hillary Clinton is!

        1. J Clifford says:

          No, John. You’re putting words in other people’s mouths. You’re making up stuff about what other people said. What we at Irregular Times have actually said is on the record.

          There is no illegal immigration crisis. This is a statistical fact. Illegal immigration is decreasing, not increasing

          There is no crisis of Islamic terrorism in the United States. There are an average of TWO deaths per year in the United States from Islamic terrorism.

          There is an ongoing problem of racism in the United States. Don’t believe it?

          Fact: African-American children are punished at a rate 300% of the rate of punishment of European-American children.

          Fact: Juvenile offenders who are African-American are more often put on trial as adults than juvenile offenders who are European-American.

          Fact: People with names that are judged to be “black-sounding” are given job interviews and are hired at much lower rates than people with names that are judged to be “white-sounding” – even when their cover letters and resumes are identical in all other ways.

          Fact: African-Americans begin life with less money, on average, than European-Americans.

          Fact: When stopped for the same traffic violation, African-Americans are three times more likely to be physically searched than European-Americans.

          Fact: African-Americans violate traffic laws at the same rate as European-Americans, but are stopped by police at a much higher rate.

          Fact: African-Americans are turned away from trial juries at a much higher rate than European-Americans, even when their qualifications are identical.

          Fact: On average, criminals are given worse punishments for crimes against European-Americans than for crimes against African-Americans.

          Fact: African-Americans commit just 14 percent of of drug offenses in the United States, but 37 percent of people arrested for drug offenses are African-American. When African-Americans are given prison sentences, their sentences are longer than those of European-Americans who committed equivalent crimes.

          Fact: African-Americans have just 2.7 percent of wealth in the USA, while they make up 13 percent of the population:

          Fact: Affluent African-Americans live in more impoverished communities than affluent European-Americans.

          Fact: African-American income fell at a rate nearly three times as fast as European-American income during the Great Recession triggered by Republican economic policies.

          Fact: African-Americans are more likely to be targeted by companies offering predatory loans.

          Fact: African-Americans get turned down for mortgages more often than European-Americans, even when they have equal credit scores.

          Fact: African-Americans are more likely to go to poorly-funded schools than European-Americans.

          Fact: School segregation is alive and well in many communities across the United States.

          Fact: Americans tend to judge African-American children to be more likely to be guilty of crimes than European-American children, even when the evidence presented against them is the same as the evidence against European-American children.

          Fact: Republican Party organizations in states across the nation have worked to enact laws with the purpose of making it more difficult for African-Americans to vote.

          Fact: The Ku Klux Klan had six MILLION members at its height, and murdered large numbers of African-Americans with impunity.

          Fact: The Black Panthers had only a few THOUSAND members at their height, and did not murder large numbers of European-Americans with impunity.

          Fact: Donald Trump’s father was arrested for fighting against police as part of a KKK march.

          Fact: European-Americans set up a legal system that treated immense numbers of African-Americans as objects to be bought, sold, used and abused as objects, as slaves, and then established Jim Crow legal systems that oppressed African-Americans for generations. No African-Americans, or any other ethnicity, has ever done that to European-Americans.

          Don’t pull this racist garbage trying to justify Donald Trump’s policies of hate against Hispanics and African-Americans.

          Don’t, because you have no facts on your side, whereas Irregular Times has been writing about the history of racism in the United States, of which Donald Trump is just the latest ugly manifestation, for quite a while.

          Why are you choosing to align yourself with such infamous groups as the KKK, the Confederacy, and the Donald Trump for President campaign? Why would anyone with any basic sense of dignity do such a thing?

          1. Korky Day says:

            Great work there, Peregrin Wood, until you try to taint Donald Trump with racism.
            In many discussions at the Irregular Times I have challenged everyone to name me one quote by Trump that is racist. You cannot do it because he is not racist.

            He polls well among non-Whites (compared to other Republicans) because he is not racist.
            He will bring more jobs, cheaper health insurance, and cheaper college for us non-Whites.
            Bernie Sanders would do better, of course, but we should rejoice at having a Republican who would be a working-class hero like the upper-class Franklin Roosevelt.

          2. J Clifford says:

            That’s absurd, Korky. Racism isn’t just about what you SAY. It’s more importantly about what you DO.

            So, you play a game of saying that we have to find a “quote” to prove that Donald Trump is a racist. That’s not how reality works. We’ve been providing evidence of Donald Trump’s racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia, and religious bigotry for months now. It’s his policies, Korky. Stop apologizing for the racism, please.

          3. Korky Day says:

            Thanks, J Clifford.
            He doesn’t DO anything racist, either, except the usual upholding of private property, capitalism, etc., which most people put in a separate category than racism.

            Many of you have accused him of racist actions, and I’ve successfully refuted as many of those as I have time for.

            Go ahead and criticize him, but not for things he doesn’t do.
            That just helps him to win because people see through you.

          4. J Clifford says:

            Korky, I have no idea how you can state such things. We’ve been chronicling Donald Trump’s racism for many months now, and you’re a regular reader. How about Trump’s support for NeoNazis on Twitter?

            I wrote, back on November 23, “Donald Trump retweeted a message from a NeoNazi, using a swastika for his account icon on Twitter, who says that Americans “should have listened to the Austrian chap with the little moustache”. The message Donald Trump retweeted claims that 81% of “whites” who are murdered in the United States are “killed by blacks”.” Those statistics, the article explains, are absurd fakes, purported to come from an office of law enforcement statistics that does not even exist.


            You read the article. I know you did, because you left a comment there.

            Really, Korky, how can you say with a straight face that Donald Trump is not a racist, and that we’ve never shown you anything racist that he’s said or done?

          5. Jim Cook says:

            Actually, Trump did less well among Republican Latinos in Nevada than other presidential candidates, according to exit polls there, Korky.

          6. Korky Day says:

            How much less well?

          7. Jim Cook says:

            Mildly, but this indicates the opposite of your contention.

          8. K says:

            There is an illegal immigration crisis. Illegals can enroll their children in public schools in the U.S. Do you think the inability for these kids to speak English is going to take away from your child progress in school? In addition, those taxes taken out of your paycheck are paying for interpreters. In addition, they do not give work permits to illegals, tell me how they can afford to be here…research that. Likely they’re on assistance, again you’re paying for that and if they’re not on assistance, you’d have to sell drugs or commit crimes to eat and house yourself. I don’t know how I’d survive if I couldn’t have a job in the US?

    2. K says:

      Perfect point John!

  5. Korky Day says:

    Donald Trump does not hate any race or nationality, Peregrin Wood. Just those who act bad. You can’t show me quotes otherwise.

    Mark asks:
    (1) ‘how illegal immigration is harming our country.’
    (2) ‘Are illegal immigrants taking away jobs that other Americans want?’
    (3) ‘Are they using a lot of resources and services so that other Americans can’t get access to them?’
    (4) ‘Are they causing an undue amount of crime?’

    (1) Mainly by driving down wages. Like strike-breakers. I agree with Cesar Chavez on this.
    (2) Yes. Of course, US Americans don’t want them at low wages. See #1.
    (3) Yes, to a degree. I wouldn’t mind so much if the extra costs were all charged to the rich, but that doesn’t happen.
    (4) Any additional crime is an undue amount.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Can you seriously maintain your claims that Donald Trump is not a racist any more, Korky?

      1. Korky Day says:

        Those are long-refuted slanders. Not intentional alliances with fascists by Trump.

  6. J Clifford says:

    K, the immigrants you’re talking about are working… for businesses that depend on paying workers below the minimum wage, exploiting their legal vulnerability.

    They’re contributing to the economy. Businesses are corrupting their contribution.

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