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Trump’s Opponents In The GOP Also Are Plagued With NeoNazi Garbage

Over the last few days, we’ve written a bit about the strong association between Donald Trump and racist, fascist, and even NeoNazi ideology. Many Republican activists have taken up these frightening revelations about Trump, and started to stand up to his frightening campaign. It’s not yet certain whether the new information about Trump will make enough of a difference in the Super Tuesday primaries coming up tomorrow to prevent Trump from taking the Republican presidential nomination, but there certainly are many Republican activists giving it a shot.

The problem is that many of these anti-Trump Republican activists are themselves using racist, NeoNazi ideology to try to drive voters away from Trump and into the arms of their own favored candidates.

Among these activists is Judy Stines, who calls herself a “Reagan Conservative, Jesus Lover”. She is also zealous advocate for the presidential campaign of Ted Cruz.

Yesterday, as part of the effort to take down Trump, Stines began spreading the following graphic through social media.

george soros nazi collaborator deception

This image certainly works hard to pack a lot of information into a small space. Let’s unpack it.

The graphic alleges that Donald Trump is a puppet of a Jewish “Nazi collaborator” named George Soros, and so is in league with Barack Obama in “leftist” a plan to unleash a New World Order.

One obvious problem with the conspiracy theory that this graphic represents is that Barack Obama and Donald Trump advocate opposing agendas. Barack Obama’s might be called Center Left, while Donald Trump’s is so far to the right, regardless of what the gatekeepers at the National Review might say to the contrary, that it can be fairly called reactionary. They don’t behave like two puppets being moved in sync by a sly, wealthy Jewish master.

Another problem is that the conspiracy theory puts Jews and Nazis into the same sinister international organization. A version of the conspiracy theory spread on the explictly NeoNazi web site Stormfront depicts George Soros as being part of a New World Order, secretly ruling the world, made up of rich Jews – blatant antisemitic Nazi propaganda. It does so by alleging that George Soros, a Hungarian Jew who emigrated to the United States after World War II, was a Nazi collaborator.

This is an old urban legend, spread by the likes of Ann Coulter. It is an astonishing distortion of what George Soros went through during World War II.

Soros was a 14 year-old boy when the Nazis invaded Hungary. His father bribed a Christian employee of the Hungarian Agricultural ministry to take him in, and to pretend that Soros was actually his own son.

The man who was watching over Soros was given the job of going out into the countryside to confiscate the property of a wealthy family of Jews that had fled the country. He took Soros with him in order to protect Soros from being seized by the Nazis while he was away from home.

So, as is explained in a biography of George Soros by Michael Kaufman, the 14 year-old Soros went out to the estate with the man who was hiding him from the Nazis. While at the estate, Soros did not “collaborate” with the looting of the property. He walked around, talked to the people he met there, and went horseback riding. Then, he went back to Budapest.

That is the entire basis for the conspiracy theory that George Soros was a “Nazi collaborator”. It’s part of a nasty, NeoNazi ploy to blame Jews for the horrors that Adolf Hitler unleashed upon Europe. It’s irrational, but that’s what Nazi antisemitism is. It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s hate.

It’s also being used by Ted Cruz supporters to try to win Republican votes for their own candidate.

The 2016 Republican presidential contest has descended into a pathetic competition to see who can be the most ugly and bigoted. It seems that reactionary, racist hatred is what it takes to win a Republican primary these days.

So, yes, we have focused on the fascist ideology of Donald Trump, because he is at present the frontrunner in the Republican presidential contest. As we scrutinize Trump, however, we must not fail to recognize that the same violent right wing extremism also exists in the camps of other Republican presidential candidates.

Even if Donald Trump is prevented from gaining the Republican presidential nomination, the struggle against the rising fury of right wing nationalism in the United States will not be over.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Opponents In The GOP Also Are Plagued With NeoNazi Garbage”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Anyone who lives in the USA (and I have recently) knows that neo-Nazis are a minuscule proportion of the population.
    Maybe 0.0001%.
    Certainly no candidate for the Duopoly is ever going to do anything sympathetic to Nazis.
    And if some Nazi support a Duopolist, it’s just as likely a plant from the other half of the Duopoly as a genuine supporter.
    Anyway you look at it, J Clifford, it’s nothing about the Duopoly, it’s merely about the Nazis.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Actually, it looks like NeoNazis are about 40 percent of the Republican Party, Korky.

  2. Korky Day says:

    It seems, J Clifford, that you are retreating from your headline, which suggests that upwards of 100% of Republicans are Nazis.

  3. Korky Day says:

    I’ve decided today to vote absentee for Bernie Sanders. He needs me more than Donald trump needs me.
    I want a Stein-Sanders-Trump choice in November.

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