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Marcomentum Is The Saddest Ad Of The 2016 Presidential Campaign

Today, I came across the saddest campaign advertisement I have ever seen. It says, “Marcomentum is real.”

For a moment, although I find his policies to show a nasty sort of right wing extremism, and his descent into the kind of party politics that Donald Trump likes to play disgusting, I wanted to reach out and call Marco Rubio‘s campaign headquarters and offer to give the Florida Senator a big hug.

Marcomentum? Rubio has yet to win even one state primary or caucus. Donald Trump has 82 delegates coming into today’s Super Tuesday primary bonanza. Marco Rubio has only 16.

Yet, Rubio chose this advertisement, to pay for it with his supporters’ money, declaring that Marcomentum is real. There seems to be some kind of law of politics that, when a candidate claims to have momentum, their campaign is in fact falling fast. I still remember Joementum from the right wing Democrat Joseph Lieberman in 2004.

It’s time to get out the teddy bear and have a good cry, Marco. It seems that Republican voters prefer the NeoNazi candidate.

One thought on “Marcomentum Is The Saddest Ad Of The 2016 Presidential Campaign”

  1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Marco Rubio did win Minnesota during Super Tuesday!

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