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If Trump Disavows The KKK, Why did He Just Send His Son To Meet With A White Supremacist Associate of David Duke?

After days of being criticized for refusing to distance himself from Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, Donald Trump finally disavowed a connection to Duke last night.

That disavowal doesn’t match with with Donald Trump’s decision, however, to send his son, Donald Trump Jr., to meet with and tape a radio show with white supremacist James Edwards.

Edwards hosts the Political Cesspool, a radio show with “an unapologetically pro-White viewpoint”. He shares the anti-immigrant agenda of the Trump for President campaign, arguing that “illegal immigration is displacing the founding stock of America” – people with ancestry from Europe.

Racist associate of Donald TrumpIn 2005, James Edwards participated in the European American Conference, a meeting of 300 white supremacists organized by David Duke. David Duke – that’s the KKK leader that Donald Trump refused to denounce last week. Also attending that conference were explicit neo-Nazis, including Kevin Alfred Strom, who was convicted on charges of child pornography and arrested on charges related to an assault at a pro-apartheid rally he helped organize.

Edwards meets with David Duke frequently, and has hosted Duke on his radio show many times. Edwards calls David Duke a “good friend” and “a man who has been supporting and collaborating with our radio show since its very inception”. It’s not an exaggeration to describe James Edwards as a protege of David Duke.

david duke and james edwards

On his web site, right next to an article that celebrates an interview with David Duke, Edwards advertises his book Racism Schmacism, with the rhetorical question: “Are You Sick and Tired of Liberals, Race Hustlers and the Media Calling You a RACIST Just Because You Oppose Obama’s Policies?” Just because you oppose President Obama’s policies… and collaborate with KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, and attend neo-Nazi conventions? Yes, why oh why would anyone call you a racist?

james edwards white supremacist donald trump fan

Material like this is all over the web site for Political Cesspool. It’s loud, blatant racism. It’s undeniable. Within two or three minutes of scanning the material James Edwards puts online, it’s quite clear exactly what he is: An extremist neo-Nazi, white supremacist racist.

So far, the Trump campaign is refusing to respond to journalists’ questions about his ties to James Edwards. Eventually, Donald Trump may respond to revelations of his campaign’s contacts with James Edwards and his white nationalist network by claiming that he had no idea that Edwards is an central organizer of white supremacism in the United States, but such excuses are absurd. Extremist racism is the central organizing principle of the Political Cesspool and the political activities of James Edwards. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a profile of his activities, as does the Anti-Defamation League.

What’s more, the Donald Trump for President campaign has given James Edwards press credentials to broadcast from within Trump rallies on at least three separate occasions. Trump and his aides have had a great deal of time to become acquainted with Edwards, and to become familiar with what he stands for. It’s almost impossible that they didn’t know that Edwards is a strident leader of white supremacists across America.

Consider the meaning of this in the context that the Trump for President campaign has repeatedly denied press credentials to journalists, including mainstream publications such as the Des Moines Register, and has famously ejected journalists like Jorge Ramos. Reporters have even been physically attacked at Trump rallies… yet Donald Trump welcomed white supremacist radio show host James Edwards to his rallies.

Edwards brags about the access he has been given to Donald Trump’s events. He writes, “I attended a Donald Trump rally in Memphis on Saturday night as a fully credentialed member of the media and enjoyed the unique experience of being able to air a live broadcast of The Political Cesspool Radio Program from inside the press pen while the event was in full swing. (Next Saturday’s show [March 5] will feature a previously taped 20-minute interview with Donald Trump, Jr.) It was a very memorable day and I’d now like to take my audience behind the scenes. After receiving my credentials from the campaign I was instructed to get there early for set-up and to go through security.”

james edwards and donald trump

James Edwards has been promoting Donald Trump for quite a while, and expressing his trust that Trump will be representing white nationalism in the White House. After Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire primary, Edwards wrote, “Trump is growing more populist on the campaign trail, amping his rhetoric up a notch and becoming a more strident nationalist… Other than Trump, the GOP has nothing to offer the White working class.” After the South Carolina primary, Edwards wrote, “Trump is winning because, on immigration, amnesty, securing our border and staying out of any new crusades for democracy, he has tapped into the most powerful currents in politics: economic populism and “America First” nationalism.”

Edwards writes, “A new day is dawning. Vote Trump.”

Fans of Donald Trump have been complaining for a while that it just isn’t fair, isn’t nice, isn’t civil, for people to make comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. By giving a neo-Nazi special access to his rallies, Donald Trump has made those complaints seem profoundly clueless. The parallels between Donald Trump and Hitler have now become so many, and so obvious, that no honest, informed citizen can ignore them.

Are you ready for the dawning of Nazi ideology in the White House? If not, please, vote against Trump.

white supremacist for trump

5 thoughts on “If Trump Disavows The KKK, Why did He Just Send His Son To Meet With A White Supremacist Associate of David Duke?”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Letting all reporters in would be fair, not to ban the Des Moines Register.

    I’m interested why his son met the guy, if he did.
    His opponents have every incentive to smear Trump unfairly.
    He’s smart enough to know he can’t keep such meetings secret, if it did occur.
    Nevertheless, there might be a good reason for such a meeting, such as to make it clear that Trump does NOT want such support.

    1. J Clifford says:

      A 20 minute interview plus special access to 3 rallies is not a good way to show that you don’t agree with someone.

      The interview will be made available this Saturday. We’ll see the content then.

  2. John says:

    I have one question. Why is it socially ok for every other race BESIDES the whites to celebrate their culture, join together to help each other RACIALLY, be given preferential treatment in the areas of education, and job place. How long are whites supposed to be pushed down and stepped on before they begin to wake up and realize that they are the ones being discriminated against?

    1. J Clifford says:

      Okay, John. Thank you for confirming how extremely racist the Trumpist movement is.

      There’s a difference between people celebrating their ethnicities and heritage and putting on bedsheets to hang people of other ethnicities and heritages from trees.

      Nobody has a problem with St. Patrick’s Day, or Polish festivals, or Anglophile groups who come together to watch Downton Abbey (I mean, I can’t stand Downton Abbey myself, but I have no problem with people who just loooove the English and their cute accents).

      What people have a problem with are creeps who attack Hispanics with knives, shouting “Heil Hitler” or KKK goons like David Duke who justify slavery, and that’s the kind of people that the Trump campaign is courting.

      “Whites” pushed down?

      I’ve already detailed to you, John, the many ways in which African-Americans face institutional racism. Working Americans as a general category, however, are facing difficult economic times as a result of Republican economic policies.

      It’s sad that so many European-Americans prefer to to blame African-Americans, Latinos, Women, Muslims, Jews, gays, anybody but the billionaires like Trump who have stacked the deck against them.

  3. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    You forgot to bring up the neofascist American Freedom Party (formerly American Third Position Party, which was a more accurate but less appealing name as Third Position is openly neofascist while Freedom is a buzz word Americans love).

    In Summary

    AMERICAN FREEDOM PARTY – The American Freedom Party (originally named American Third Position or A3P) is a white supremacist political party (they prefer to call themselves “White Nationalists”) founded in 2010. In various policy statements, the AFP state its mission is “to represent White Americans before the political arena.” This racist party espouses a non-interventionist foreign policy, calls for strict controls on non-white immigration to the US, and touts the slogan “Diversity is a Codeword for White Genocide.” The party began fielding candidates on the ballot in 2011. The AFP nominated white supremaclist activist Merlin Miller for President in 2012. Miller achieved ballot status in three states but captured only 2,714 votes nationwide (19th place). Miller left the AFP in 2015, forming a new white supremacist splinter group called the American Eagle Party. White supremacist Bob Whitaker, who wrote a widely-circulated racist creed known as “The Mantra”, is the AFP’s 2016 Presidential nominee.

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