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No, People Aren’t Making Hitler Comparisons Across The Board

On a Yahoo Answers board, a user attempts to deflect the intensifying comparison between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler by shrugging and commenting that, gosh, everybody always compares every presidential candidate to Hitler: “Liberals say Trump is like Hitler. Conservatives say Hillary Clinton is like Hitler. What’s with people these days?”

Is it true? Are Hitler comparisons rampant, a sign of degraded political discourse in the USA?

Statistics say no. A Google search of “Donald Trump is like Hitler” finds 22,000 results.

A Google search of “Bernie Sanders is like Hitler” finds 10 results.

A Google search of “Hillary Clinton is like Hitler” finds 2 results.

There are many, many people who don’t like Hillary Clinton, but there is almost no one who has thought to compare Hillary Clinton to Adolf Hitler.

Large numbers of Republicans find Bernie Sanders’ efforts to provide college education and health care to Americans regardless of income abhorrent, but to almost none of these Republicans has it occurred that Bernie Sanders just might be the next Adolf Hitler.

When people compare Donald Trump in particular to Adolf Hitler, they aren’t doing so just out of some kind of nasty political reflex in our culture in which every politician we don’t like gets accused of being like Hitler. These statistics show that this popular dismissal of Trump-Hitler comparisons doesn’t hold water.

When people compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, they are doing so because they notice that, in fact, there are some strong similarities between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

3 thoughts on “No, People Aren’t Making Hitler Comparisons Across The Board”

  1. Frank says:

    As usual, biased rubbish. No mention f the close historical ties of the Democrat party with the KKK. No mention of DEMOCRAT Senator Robert Byrd, former Klan recruiter and member…..pathetic. Besides..those numbers just reflect the stupidity and ignorance of Democrat electorate in supporting an openly declared Socialist. A system which has destroyed lives, economies and is eating Europe alive…still finds supporters. I guess stupidity is incurable. Just take a walk around Detroit and see what 40+ years of Democrat dictatorship has done to a city (not only this one) and take a look at Trump’s tell which one do you prefer, as a system of America….

    1. Jim Cook says:

      What’s the life expectancy and infant mortality rate in democratic socialist Denmark compared to the US, Frank?

    2. J Clifford says:

      What, Frank? Statistics about Google searches are biased rubbish, which Peregrin has twisted to his evil, wicked schemes?

      The KKK had ties to the Democratic Party BEFORE the 1960s, when the Republican Party decided to engage its “Southern Strategy” and use Southern white racists to secure its grip on power.

      That was 50 years ago, Frank.

      Senator Robert Byrd died of old age years ago, Frank.

      The KKK today is supporting Republicans in general, and Donald Trump in particular.

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