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Donald Trump, Casino President

Donald Trump was born rich, with already more than enough money to live an entire life at ease.  With millions upon millions upon further millions in wealth given to him by his ultra-rich parents, Donald Trump had his choice about what to do with his money.

Huffy Donald Trump

Trump’s choice: he put his money into casinos. The entire basis of profit for a casino is a two-stage ruse.  First, convince people that they have a reasonable chance to win a big gobs of money if they just give the casinos the little bits of money they’ve got.  Second, rig the games so that in the long run, the casino always wins.  Casinos make money by preying on people who buy the ruse, who don’t understand sophisticated probability rules, and who fall for the ploy.

Casinos are run by people who see the world as populated by suckers who need to be suckered.  Donald Trump has built his empire by trying to fool, dupe, and sucker the people who enter his domain, and build his own wealth on their misfortune.  Should a man with those priorities be elevated to the most powerful position on the planet?

8 thoughts on “Donald Trump, Casino President”

  1. Korky Day says:

    He seems to me to have had a change of heart.
    He’s matured.
    He took for himself and now he wants to take for the people.
    Maybe it’s having grandchildren. Makes you more beneficent.
    He’s looking to how he’ll be remembered, and he wants to improve his reputation.

    I have some of those feelings myself. Donald and I are almost the same age.
    Listen to his whole speeches with an open mind.
    I think I’m too old to be very gullible, but judge for yourself.

    His policies are to help everyone, including the non-rich. Seems sincere to me.
    Otherwise he’d just stay out of politics and exploit us with more casinos.

    1. J Clifford says:

      What part of torture, which Trump has reiterated that he DOES want to do, is beneficent, Korky?

      What part of killing the children of suspected terrorists is beneficent?

      How do these policies help everyone?

    2. Jim Cook says:

      Korky, if you think the only reason people get into politics is to “help everyone,” then you haven’t been watching politics closely.

      And how on EARTH can you say of Donald Trump that “he’s matured” in a week when he’s been telling everyone:
      1) how large his sexual organs are
      2) that his opponent should be called “Little Marco,” and
      3) last but certainly not least, that the United States government should adopt the methods of ISIS?

      If you can continue to support Donald Trump after this past week, you’re either immoral or delusional. And yes, I’m insulting 1/3 of the Republican Party voters when I say it. Frankly, they deserve it.

      And so do you, Korky. If you’re delusional enough to support Donald Trump and not see him for what he is, get help. Go see a doctor and get a thorough workup. If you’re immoral enough to support someone who embraces the methods of ISIS with clear eyes and a clear head, then you need to get ready to hear people call you what you are: an enabler of evil.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Thanks, Jim Cook and J Clifford.
        I certainly oppose many of Donald Trump’s positions, as I’ve said all along.
        The Constitution has checks and balances, so I think a Trump administration would turn out much better than you think.
        It’s a gamble with any of them. Sanders’ positions are superior, but does he have the skill and determination that Trump has?
        Maybe Trump’s charisma and flair would enable him to accomplish much more.

        Most of us now see that Obama is weak.
        He’s a constitutional scholar, but he hasn’t proposed or promoted a single constitutional amendment or called for a much-needed constitutional convention.

        To give Trump the benefit of the doubt, maybe he thinks he’s talking ISIS talk to threaten their families, and that then he can turn that into a peace treaty.
        The original Geneva Accords were based on the idea that we won’t kill your civilians if you won’t kill our civilians.
        Same with torture.
        But both sides are killing civilians and torturing, so there needs to be a new deal beyond the old European war rules.

        My brown grandfather, who I knew, in his early teens barely escaped being a civilian casualty in Turkey ~1895.

        The good politicians help the public.
        The bad ones help themselves and their puppet-masters. We’ll see.

        Trump never mentioned sex organs. Do you have a dirty mind? Now who’s childish?!
        Calling Marco ‘little’ is childish, yes. At least it gets people interested in politics who weren’t. And it shows how Trump is just a man, in many ways, not a phony plastic puppet like the other Republicans. That favorably impresses people.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Trump could eat a baby whole on live television, with ketchup, and you’d say something about how that just goes to show he’s real and unvarnished and supportive of tomato farmers.

  2. Charles Manning says:

    Why haven’t I seen this analysis of Trump’s business philosophy in the multitude of media reports about him? Once again, thanks to Irregular Times for putting light on a crucial spot kept in the dark by the mainstream media and the politicians who depend on it.

  3. Korky Day says:

    Donald Trump’s Policies Are Not Anathema to U.S. Mainstream but an Uncomfortable Reflection of It
    By Glenn Greenwald

    Excellent article, though I don’t agree with all of it.
    A great counter-balance to the simplistic criticisms of Trump which are common in Irregular Times.

  4. Korky Day says:

    The Trumpster Sends The GOP/Neocon Establishment To The Dumpster
    By David Stockman, admitted libertarian

    Very anti-Trump because Trump is not libertarian, but saying that the other Republicans are worse, with which I agree.

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