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Defending Donald Trump, Bob Parker Says Hitler Wasn’t All That Bad

There’s an odd reality-distorting field that surrounds supporters of Donald Trump’s Republican campaign for President. They’re able to make wildly divergent claims of truth without fretting about the contradictions.

So it is with their rants about “political correctness”. They claim to be against political correctness, but approve of Donald Trump’s efforts to completely censor large parts of the Internet, and to sue people for libel just for disagreeing with him.

Then there’s their allergic reaction to comparisons between Trump and Hitler. They accuse liberals of being “politically correct” for asking that women, African-Americans, Hispanics and Muslims not be barraged with slurs. Then they turn around and declare their own speech laws, insisting that no one should be allowed to compare Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

A Trump fan named Bob Parker took a trip down this weird, twisted avenue of right wing justification today. He was engaged in a debate on Twitter with Horace Bloom, author of the book Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler: Making A Serious Comparison. Parker was defending Donald Trump, insisting that it’s just not fair to compare Trump to Hitler. That’s when he posted this message:

Bob Parker on Nazi Trump

“You are trying to compare him to the modern day boogieman,” Parker said, then wrote that, “Hitler wasn’t even as bad as Hitler.”

Whoah. Let’s break this down.

First of all, Adolf Hitler is not a modern day boogieman. A boogieman is a mythical monster that does not exist. A boogieman is make believe – something that people just make up to frighten other people.

Adolf Hitler was not a boogieman. He existed. He was real. Bob Parker is out of touch with the facts for suggesting otherwise.

Secondly, Parker is just plain wrong in his claims that Adolf Hitler wasn’t as bad as people say he was. He committed mass murder, and torture, and launched nearly the entire world into a war that had no point but to support Hitler’s outrageously racist claims of Aryan superiority.

It’s almost impossible to overstate how very bad Adolf Hitler was. He set up prisons in which prisoners were starved to death, and used as guinea pigs for extremely painfu unnecessary medical experiments.

Bob Parker is arguing that there’s a version of Adolf Hitler that we all have in our heads that’s just too judgmental, too negative… kind of like the justifications we’re hearing now that we shouldn’t be too quick to judge Donald Trump’s outreach efforts to gain the support of white supremacists.

Merely by defending Donald Trump while suggesting that Adolf Hitler was only a mythical character who wasn”t really all that bad, BobParker has unintentionally shown us why comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler are important to consider. He’s gone even farther, though. Looking into the @RealBobParker Twitter account, we see that Bob Parker has been in contact with David Duke, and has been promoting materials related to a dodgeball event called Ballocaust at Tooele High School in Utah, where students forwarded messages such as “Your team about to fall harder than Anne Frank.”

Bob Parker’s tweet to David Duke:

NeoNazi trump supporter tweeted this picture

This is the kind of person who is telling Americans that it’s not justified to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Update: A NeoNazi supporter of Donald Trump has now responded to Horace Bloom, telling him that it’s “time to oven some Jews”. This is the ugly bigotry that Donald Trump’s rage has made legitimate within Republican circles.

NeoNazi Trump supporter

13 thoughts on “Defending Donald Trump, Bob Parker Says Hitler Wasn’t All That Bad”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    If I recall old news scandals correctly, Bob Barker was known for treating women like Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby did.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Bob Barker was also once sued for making antisemitic jokes at work, but I don’t think Bob Parker is Bob Barker, despite the use of Barker’s photograph.

  2. Dave says:

    American Presidents incinerated hundreds of thousands of Japanese and Germans. The U.S. government performed any number of ghastly experiments on its own citizens. One wonders why the National Socialist Hitler is the devil, while other world leaders (communists Lenin and Stalin slew their millions) are not condemned or compared to current candidates.

    Have you noticed how many Neocon Republicans are now saying they will vote for Hillary? War and desolation are on their minds. Little Hitlers, all.

    Bob Parker sounds like a jerk, and your article implies that Trump’s “rage” legitimizes people like Parker, but would you say that Hillary’s angry bellowing legitimizes, say, La Raza? There’s a group that makes Trump’s supposed racism look miniscule in comparison.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Wow, Dave. We need to educate you about what’s wrong with Nazis?

      What Allied leaders did was not right. However, even FDR, who rounded up huge numbers of innocent people into prison camps (and I emphasize that was very, very wrong and must never be repeated) did not slaughter millions of people in those camps, starving them to death, working them to death with slave labor, experimenting on them, gassing them, shooting them, burning them, killing them on forced marches.

      The use of nuclear weapons was terrible, unforgivable. The firebombing of cities like Dresden was unnecessary and awful. However, the Allies didn’t start the war. Hitler did.

      The Allies weren’t “The Greatest Generation” that has been created in mythology. Adolf Hitler, however, was a murderous totalitarian dictator who took away the freedom of his own people, using their racist rage to do so.

      Stalin was rotten, but none of the current presidential candidates are like him – in style or in ideological substance.

      Adolf Hitler was not “the devil”, by the way. That characterization reduces him to a cartoon, which is a mistake.

      NeoCon Republicans are not like “Little Hitlers, all” in their decision to vote for Hillary Clinton. That just doesn’t make any sense, Dave.

      La Raza? Really? I’m sorry. Are there people at La Raza saying that we need to start putting people into ovens? Can you show me somewhere that they’re doing that?

      Hillary Clinton doesn’t call for taking away the rights of any group, and she doesn’t bellow angrily. No one at her rallies beats people up, and she certainly doesn’t encourage mob violence like Donald Trump does.

      I’m not a big Hillary Clinton fan, but there’s just no comparing her to the bullying of Donald Trump.

      1. Dave says:

        Odd that I should get myself into the position of defending Trump, but has he actually said it’s time we start putting people into ovens? La Raza means “the Race”, J. They want to talk about race. So did Hitler.

        I don’t think I have heard Trump talk about race. Indeed, he said he thought emigration of Muslims to the U.S. should be stopped “until we can figure out what is going on” but that is a religious issue. As far as I know there is no foreign national to whom our Bill of Rights applies, so your implication that Trump wants to “take away the rights” of a group just doesn’t hold.

        Trump would have been wiser to have said “halt immigration from specific countries until” etc., but that would not have satisfied the open borders people any better. Wouldn’t it move the conversation forward for you just to say you want open borders and resent those opposed to it. That would be a useful starting point.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Dave, talking about race is not at all the same thing as what Adolf Hitler did, or what Donald Trump proposes to do. It’s not like what Trump supporter John McGraw did yesterday in North Carolina.

          You know the difference.

          You may not know that the Constitution actually applies to all people within the jurisdiction of the United States, including non-citizens, but it’s true.

  3. Korky Day says:

    No, J Clifford, the Constitution does not give every person in the world the right to go to the USA.

    1. J Clifford says:

      No, Korky. I did not order rye toast. Gosh, you have a nasty habit of putting words in other people’s mouths. That’s not what I said, and it’s not what Dave was talking about. He said, “As far as I know, there is no foreign national to whom our Bill of Rights applies,” and that’s just plain wrong.

      By the way, you are aware, I think, because we have talked about it before, that there is no illegal immigration crisis. Illegal immigration is dramatically down under Barack Obama.

      Oh, facts.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Yes, J Clifford, the Bill of Rights can sometimes apply to foreigners, but not always.
        This statement of mine still refutes your article:
        ‘the Constitution does not give every person in the world the right to go to the USA.’
        I did not quote you, but this still refutes that.

        Yes, there is a crisis, even if it is ebbing temporarily. I showed that in the discussions to which you refer.
        Legal immigration would result in less crime than illegal immigration.
        That’s only one of the reasons it’s a crisis.
        Another is the anti-union effect of illegal immigrants when they work.
        Trump and I are more progressive on this point, even though he is not always pro-union.

  4. Korky Day says:

    Hitler was that bad. So were US Americans who committed genocide against the First Nations and Vietnamese.
    So were the British imperialists who inspired Hitler to create a greater empire than the British Empire.

  5. Bob Barker says:

    It’s Barker, not “Parker.”

    1. J Clifford says:

      No, the pro-Trump racist who said this was not the former host of The Price Is Right.

  6. Korky Day says:

    I think it should be illegal for 2 people to use the same name, ‘Bob Barker’. There is no other Korky Day, as far as I can find.

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