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It’s Time For Republicans Of Good Conscience To Organize A Third Party Challenge

In last night’s primaries, Donald Trump won three out of four of the states – Michigan, Mississippi, and Hawaii. Ted Cruz won only in Idaho. Trump has 446 delegates in his pocket right now, just a little bit more than a third of the number he will need to secure the Republican Party nomination, but 99 more delegates than what Cruz has obtained so far. Marco Rubio has only 151 delegates.

Trump’s current delegate lead would be surmountable by Cruz, if Cruz had a campaign strategy that could actually change the dynamics of the race. He doesn’t.

Trump has been subjected to every conceivable Republican criticism. He’s been exposed as a huckster, a liar, a crude bully, and an aspiring fascist. He has promised to break the law in order to violate the Bill of Rights. He has sent surrogates to court NeoNazis. He has urged his supporters to engage in violence against dissenters. He has embraced bloody dictators and quoted Mussolini.

None of this seems to deter the plurality of Republican voters behind his campaign. In fact, between 40 to 50 percent of Republican voters seem to appreciate Trump’s animosity to peace, to democracy, and to basic decency. They revel in it. The more outrageous Trump becomes, the more determined these Republicans are to stand behind him. They hunger for a brutal strongman to set things right.

That’s what makes it important for Republicans who stand against Trump to prepare a second line of defense against his march toward the White House.

In this light, Donald Trump can seem unstoppable. In the Republican nomination contest, he probably is.

That doesn’t mean that the majority of Republican voters like it. Between 40 and 50 percent are disgusted by what Trump does, and what he stands for. Outside of the Republican Party, a majority of Americans oppose Trump.

The advantage that Trump has, against the majority of decent American voters, is that he has the ability to inspire high rates of turnout among those voters who admire his autocratic approach to leadership. It’s not going to be enough for them to vote against Trump in the Republican primaries. That effort is almost sure to fail.

The time has come for Republicans of good conscience to prepare a second line of defense. They need to begin now to put their support behind a third party alternative candidate. They need to get to work now to identify this candidate, and help him or her to get on the ballot in all 50 states, to take away as many votes from Trump in the general election as possible.

Trump can win the general election if Republican voters accept that they have no choice but to stand behind their party’s vile new leader. Trump can’t win the general election if enough Republican voters decide to put what’s right ahead of party loyalty.

21 thoughts on “It’s Time For Republicans Of Good Conscience To Organize A Third Party Challenge”

  1. Frank says:

    Cliff….does anyone reads yours and Cook bullshit? Just me calling you out on lies? ..Your pathetic lies. Democrats are going to get their ass kicked next November and they know it. They are scared to death! Their “Communist” plan for America is failing, their policies are failing, everywhere, and people are seeing through the lies and the deception. Yes GOP candidates are litigious…but you can see the passion there, the fight to get the Presidency and get the Country on the Constitutional path again. Yes, they see Trump bombastic rhetoric and yet, no one believes he is a “white supremacist” or a “fascist”. The closest candidates to tyrannical and racist ideas are…Clinton and Sanders!! Clinton and senator Byrd (Google it) are very well documented, yet Clifford doesn’t mention that. Sanders and his open “socialism” are pure “government” fascism or communism (same shit), yet no one is calling him out on his “free shit” impossible ideas. The man of the “white people don’t understand what’s like to be poor(really??)” or “Israel existence is to blame for Mideast hatred and warfare (really??)” is not being called out for his lies and openly fascist ideas, but somewhat Trump is a monster. We know who are the monsters people, you know who they are…get them out of the White house like you did in the Senate and The House. Time to pus this tyrants out of the US.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Frank, what lies?

      What “Communist” plan for America? Who said “Communist”?

      Actually, if you look around, you will find plenty of people saying that Donald Trump is a white supremacist and a fascist.

      You’re confused, Frank. It isn’t constitutional to have a President who orders the military to engage in torture, in defiance of the law. It isn’t constitutional to seek to censor huge sections of the Internet. It isn’t constitutional to put people in internment camps, force them to carry identification tags, and prohibit them from travel on the basis of their religion.

      Have you ever actually read the Constitution, Frank? We have a copy, at

      1. Al Hopfmann says:

        Actually, if you compare the “plans” of Clinton and Sanders to traditional communist plans, they really are communist plans. And their anti-constitution voting records in the Senate confirm this. The massive denial of this by Establishment Media people has been a big factor in the rise of nitwit Trump. All this reactionary populism has been carefully crafted by the Insiders to steer the public away from productive solutions and good candidates who actually support the Constitution and the American way of life.

        1. Peregrin Wood says:

          Really Al? Name one of those so called anticonstitution votes in the senate. Name one.

          1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

            Constitution Party voters which I assume Hofpmann is have a platform of paleo/theo cmservatism thorugh which they see as the Constitution a la their party platform. Hence, opposing their platform is the same as opposing the Constitution. Donald Trump must be siphoning them to the Republican Party due to his extreme authoritarian nature.

  2. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Well, the is former Governor Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party for anti-Donald Trump Republicans to vote for. It’s already March and is too late to create a third party of Indepdent movment from scratch. The time when Michael Bloomberg said he wouldn’t run was the absolute last day to make an Indepdent run and be successful or a third party from scratch and do likewise.

    FBN video explains it in detail.

  3. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Actually both the Constitution and Libertarian Parties are both vying to be the third party for anti-Donald Trump Repbulcians.

    All the barriers Republicans have sets up over the years to prevent third parties are now biting back at Republicans during this election cycle. This MSNBC article goes in detail how only the Big Three third parties (defined at Politics 1 for people who remeber me posting about it a long while back) have even a chance at being a successful political vehicle.

    1. Korky Day says:

      If you remember your arithmetic, Stephen Kent Gray, there is one third party, one fourth party, and one fifth party, unless maybe if you’re talking about a 3-way tie. Only in the USA is arithmetic so violated, not here in Canada and other countries.

  4. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    The point by point comparison of why anti-Trump people should vote Libertarian!

    Bart Hinkle lays down all the reasons why Trump is unfit to be President. Lol that eminent domain and old ladies reference!

  5. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    12th Amendement 2016: Third Party Candidate prevents any ticket from receiving the required electoral majority (270 or more electors)

    ODL gives an example of such a scenario. Just having New Hampsire, New Mexico, and Nevada go yellow with the rest of the states going evenly electoral wise causes this scenario. Read the article and discus the implications of the 12th Amendment scenario!

    Donald Trump 39% and 263E
    Hillary Clinton 43% and 260E
    Gary Johnson 16% and 15E
    Others 2% and 0E

    This is not a prediction, just only a scenario. House Republicans hate Donald Trump, but they don’t want to be Tea Party challenged on voting for Hillary Clinton. So voting Gary Johnson in the House will get them free of their dilemma. Regardless of how House Democrats vote, Gary Johnson will be President in this scenario.

  6. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Currently only major part primary candidates are shown, but third party candidates will be added once the majors are chosen for the 2016 map. You can look back to the 2004, 2008, and 2012 maps.

    Will the Constitution Party candidate appeal to Repbulicans most due to being the only third party in the same quadrant as the Republicans or will the Libertarian Party appeal more despite being LR instead of AR?

  7. John says:

    As much as the left looks at Trump and cringes at the fact that his ideals, and mentality represent the opinions of a large portion of this country, it is the same shiver every God fearing conservative gets when there’s another liberal, progressive, law, statute, or dictate forced upon the majority, even in the face of a losing vote! The libs push through whatever agenda they are pushing at the moment by force if necessary. Even if the majority has already spoken and voted against the proposition! We’ve sat and watched the left dismantle the core values and traditions of this once great nation time after time after time. I’m glad people are waking up and taking notice of the fact that this country is changing and it’s not for the better. It continues to sink into lower and lower depths of depravity. For Gods sake did you see the disgusting smile on Obamas stupid face the other day after scolia was found mysteriously dead with a pillow over his head, and no autopsy ordered? As he went down a list of things that he has to complete by the end of his presidency one of them was nominating a new Supreme Court judge and as he said it he got this disgusting vile sick gut-wrenching smirk smile on his face that said just about everything but “we had something to do with this man’s death and now we’re going to put who we want to put into that position before I leave this office.” It’s going to be his last ditch effort to try to totally destroy this country from the inside out by placing another liberal Progressive into the Supreme Court seat! Not to mention the fact that tonight 10,000 Muslims are being brought into this country that still no doubt be given homes, jobs, and financial support to live hear, while there are 50,000+ homeless veterans sleeping on the street tonight in the country THEY FOUGHT TO PROTECT FOR EVERYBODY EVEN THE LIBTARDS THAT DON’T APPRECIATE IT!!!! All I have to say is I HEAR THE TRUMP TRAIN A COMIN! And I can’t wait until we get someone with some BALLS, and sense in there to shut the mouth of the politically correct leftist, Marxist, politically correct monster that’s eating this country from the inside out!!!

    1. J Clifford says:

      shiver all you like, but there is a fundamental difference. Liberals make you shiver by promoting peace and tolerance. Donald Trump makes us shiver by promoting torture and war and disrespect for democracy and the rule of law.

      1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

        J, since John kept spouting about God fearing conservatism, that he like Trumpoids is an authoritarian. Authoritarians like the Republicans Party mostly for anti-immigrant, anti-minority, anti-LGBT, anti-drugs, anti-abortion, pro-capital punishment, pro-war, etc positions or social issues rather than fiscal ones.

  8. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Meet the Third Party!

    Great article on Gary Johnson, though John McAfee and Austin Petersen are also trying to be the nominee instead.

  9. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    This is the third party!

    1. J Clifford says:

      As Rocky Anderson so competently proved in 2012, an individual is not a third party. But, independent, I will grant you.

  10. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Or this may be the third party.

    1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

      The McAfee website changed its domain name.

      John McAfee and Judd Weiss 2016!

  11. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Gary Johnson’s essay on why he is the third party option!

    The American people are fed up with politicians, both Republican and Democrat, who are determined to replace liberty with government overreach, control, and intrusion into our daily lives. The United States was founded on a rejection of warrantless searches, oppressive taxation, and government interference with free exercise of speech, religion, and personal choices.

    America needs a President who will push back against the growth of government, and mean it. That begins with proposing a federal budget that doesn’t spend more than it takes in, and using the veto pen to enforce it if necessary. Government spends too much because it does too much, and it does too much because career politicians are in control. We need term limits to limit politicians’ power and greed.

    America needs a President whose idea of national security isn’t to spy on American citizens and pry into their personal lives without warrants or due process. The failed War on Drugs needs to end, along with surveillance, in recreation rate, and needless prosectuion it has given us.

    And we need leaders whose idea of immigration reform consists of something more thoughtful, and effective, than building bigger walls, imposing unconstitutional religious tests, and militarizing our borders.

    The two “major” parties have become slightly different shades of the same big government, big debt, and ineffective status quo. I am convinced that Americans are ready to send to Washington DC, a message and break up the political duopoly.

    Liberty and freedom to succeed are the real American values, and I’m running for President to restore those values, make America genuinely safe, and put an end to a tired status quo that has given us nothing but debt, less freedom and an omnipotent state.

  12. Korky Day says:

    J Clifford, in the article you are trying to sound as if you are one of the ‘Republicans Of Good Conscience’.
    Are you?

    As usual, of course, you libel Donald Trump, but it’s legal because he’s a politician.
    It’s still immoral, though.
    Such smears, when they are detected by voters, only help Trump to gain the support of those voters.

    And you make it sound as if Trump is much worse than the other Republicans.
    However, In the ways that he’s bad, so are the other Republicans.
    It’s the ways that he’s better than the other Republicans–and better than Hillary Clinton–that are carrying him to the top and to probable victory in November.

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