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Ben Carson To Bring His Massive Bloc Of Voters To Trump

Ben Carson, the bumbling retired doctor who wandered his way into and then out of the 2016 Republican presidential race, will announce that he is endorsing the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Trump, who is running on a platform of exposing every single ugly impulse within the hearts of Republican voters, will now enjoy the substantial organizational support of the Carson for President team, which consists of…


two voters.

We have not yet been able to confirm that those two voters are Ben Carson and his wife.

Insiders in the Trump campaign worry that the Carsons may not be able to keep their eyes open long enough to make it to the polls in November.

3 thoughts on “Ben Carson To Bring His Massive Bloc Of Voters To Trump”

  1. John says:

    Hmmmm seems that jumping on the Trump Train is becoming the thing to do. Even for African Americans, and other minorities.

    Donald Trump answered questions in Norcross, GA before one of his campaign events, bringing onstage with him a group of prominent black ministers from across the country. A couple of them say a few words in support of the candidate, dispelling any notions that they are “token blacks” in the process or that their candidate is a racist.

    One preacher talks about his disappointment when Trump decided not to run in 2012 and his excitement when learning that he would be a candidate this time around. Another talks of the consuming or purifying abilities of fire, and how evident it is that since he has not been consumed by the rigors of the campaign and the sometimes vicious attacks, he is apparently being purified for the fight ahead.

    Looks like not all minorities are buying the trash being peddled to the masses by the establishment. Things are getting very interesting.

  2. J Clifford says:

    Well hold on there, a minute, John. No one ever said that ALL minorities believe that Donald Trump is a bigot and reject his nationalist extremism. There are idiots who are oblivious to the obvious in every ethnic group.

    A small number of African-Americans endorsing Trump doesn’t prove that large numbers of African-Americans are changing their minds about Trump, and deciding that they plan to vote for him.

    Jim has shown that in exit polls in many states, the number of African-Americans voting for Trump was so low that the surveyors couldn’t find even one example, just one African-American, who cast a ballot for Trump. See:

    Anecdotes can’t prove statistics. Do you have any statistical evidence that large numbers of African-Americans are changing their minds about Donald Trump and are planning to vote for him after all?

  3. Dave says:

    Describing the black candidate as “bumbling, wandering in and out” … well … talk about ugly impulses, F.G. I think most Americans saw him as a decent chap, though in over his head. Apparently the Republicans still keep the underground railroad in operation to help people like Carson escape the plantation.

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