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GrubHub Covers Its Grubby Butt

This morning, GrubHub, a business that delivers food to people and establishes a centralized ordering system across restaurants, sent me a message, telling me about how it was making changes to its privacy policy in alignment with improvements in its service to customers. The message read:

“We are continuing to develop more features on our websites and mobile apps that you will love. To address these changes, we’ve updated our Terms of Use.
These will take effect on April 6, 2016, so please take some time to review them. Using our mobile apps, or websites after that date will indicate your agreement to be bound by the new Term of Use. Here is a Summary of Changes for you to review.”

More features that I will love? Oh boy, I couldn’t wait to hear about those.

Here’s what the actual changes were:

“Effective: April 6, 2016

Summary of Changes to our Terms of Use

(a) The Updated Terms provide that any claim or action arising out of the services we provide to you, or any other aspect of the Terms of Use and/or Updated Terms, must:

(i) be resolved by mandatory binding arbitration;

(ii) be brought within one year; and

(iii) not be brought as a representative or class action

(b) The Updated Terms further provide that incorrect charges must be identified and brought to GrubHub’s attention within 60 days in order for a credit to be issued.”

There were no improvements in GrubHub’s services. There were no new features on the web site or app that I would love.

This was nothing but a notice informing GrubHub users that, as far as GrubHub is concerned, the ordinary rules of liability don’t apply to its services, and that if people are overcharged for GrubHub’s services, or not given what they were promised, they can’t take GrubHub to court for fair compensation.

With this foul maneuver, GrubHub looks like a money-grubbing hub.

One thought on “GrubHub Covers Its Grubby Butt”

  1. Jon sanders says:

    Your emoticon at the bottom of the page reminds me of the classic business slogan, “we cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you”. That has some vague relationship with this Grubhub article.

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