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Fact Check: Can Donald Trump Unify The Country More Than Barack Obama Has?

“We’re going to unify the country. Our president has divided this country so badly.”

That’s the promise made by Republican Donald Trump this weekend.

From what I see, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be unifying the country behind him. But then, maybe I’m biased.

So, what can the American people in general tell us about the likelihood of Trump unifying America more than Barack Obama has?

One way to try to judge this question in a relatively unbiased way is to take a look at current favorability ratings for both Donald Trump and Barack Obama. The leader who has more ability to unify the country should have the approval of a greater portion of the country.

Let’s look at Donald Trump first: According to the latest ABC News / Washington Post survey, Donald Trump has the favorable opinion of only 30 percent of American voters.

Donald Trump fails to unify America

That same poll shows that President Barack Obama has the favorable opinion of 51 percent of American voters.

a majority supports Obama 2016

Neither leader unites the country, but in a democracy, we shouldn’t expect any leader to unite the country. Absolute unity is what happens under fascist dictators, where people unite behind national leaders because they don’t have any choice.

Donald Trump appears to have fascist aspirations, but he’s not very successful in attaining them yet. He’s a failed fascist, with a style of pompous buffoonery that appeals to less than one third of the American population.

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  1. ติดฟิล์ม says:

    I support Barack Obama.

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