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While Creationist South Dakota Doctor Exclaims “No Transitional Forms!,” Science Uncovers Yet Another

On February 13 of this year, primary care physician David C. Krohn published a letter in South Dakota’s Argus Leader in which he proclaimed the non-existence of transitional forms between species in the fossil record, and therefore the nonsense of evolution:

“It is often stated that evolution is a fact, but in reality, it is a weak theory at best, and some would say that it is a religion and not science. It cannot be verified by experimentation and one of its basic tenets – that life originated spontaneously in an ancient sea and then evolved – defies credibility, given the complexity of even basic, one-celled organisms.

“Evolutionists often point to similarities between kinds of animals as evidence for evolution, but this is what one could also expect with intelligent design. Furthermore, if evolution occurred, many transitional forms of fossils should have been discovered, but none have definitely been found.”

Teyujagua Paradoxa asks, No Transitional Forms? Image Credit: Voltaire Neto

While the creationist Doctor Krohn and others like him continue to declare that no transitional forms have been found, scientists continue to find them. The latest transitional form to be discovered is Teyujagua Paradoxa, a new fossil discovered by Felipe L. Pinheiro of the Universale Federal do Pampo and his colleagues, as documented in a new, publicly accessible article published this month in the journal Nature’s open-access publication Scientific Reports. The fossil they have discovered displays features in its skull that are intermediate between the clade of archosauriforms (the group of reptiles consisting of a variety of orders, including living birds and crocodiles as well as extinct dinosaurs) and the older reptilian clade known as archosauromorphs.  These differences include the emergence of archosauriform-like serrated teeth but the persistence of archosauromorph-like features such as the lack of particular fenestra (holes in the skull) in front of the eye socket and in the lower jaw.  Teyujagua represents a smooth transition between archosauromorphs and archosauriforms — a “transitional form,” if you will.

Figure 4 in Pinheiro 2016 showing a transitional form in evolution of reptiles

Teyujagua is hardly the only transitional form in the fossil record.  There are many of them, transitioning beween many kinds of life, over many periods in the evolution of life.  See here and here and here and here and here and here for evidence of more transitional forms in the evolutionary record.  Dr. Krohn may have a license to prescribe medicine, but he apparently doesn’t have the depth of vision to see the rich fossil record for what it is.

2 thoughts on “While Creationist South Dakota Doctor Exclaims “No Transitional Forms!,” Science Uncovers Yet Another”

  1. J Clifford says:

    Dr. Kohn has been taught how to diagnose strep throat, not to analyze the fossil record. What a dope.

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