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Global Warming Surges In February, Donald Trump Still In Denial

Donald Trump proudly posts this statement on his campaign web site: “Trump does not believe climate change is real, tweeting out his skepticism with strong language and calling it a hoax on Fox News in 2014. In a 2012 Twitter post which is no longer accessible, Trump charged that the concept of climate change was created by the Chinese to suppress the U.S. economy. In addition, Trump has expressed firm opposition to wind turbines, which he sees as an environmental and aesthetic problem.”

Trump has maintained this position for years, even as scientific data to contradict his opinion has accumulated into a virtual mountain. Yesterday, this mountain of evidence reached a dramatic new height, as NASA reported that last month, February 2016, saw a global temperature anomaly higher than any ever previously recorded. This news comes shortly after revelation of a record increase in carbon dioxide emissions in 2015.

It might have made sense to harbor some skepticism of global warming back in the 1980s, when Donald Trump was young and brash. It’s now a position that is well past its prime.

Sadly, it looks as if Donald Trump is incapable of updating his vision of reality.

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3 thoughts on “Global Warming Surges In February, Donald Trump Still In Denial”

  1. Gloria J Fritzler McMillian says:

    I don’t believe in global warming to any extent. I lived with the threat of everything freezing over in the late 70’s. Hogwash. I just refuse to take anything the left says seriously. They are hate mongers. I will say the threat I take seriously is my country becoming third world because of the threat of low third world invaders who are destroying our towns, way of life and culture and the religious institutions that are reaping the money from it all. Now that is a true threat.

  2. Mike says:

    Ok guys, put up all the data!! Not just since say, 1930, say for the last 400,000 years. WHY NOT? It’s out there and it directly opposes your idiotic views!

    What was the weather like before the 30’s? Perfect? Straight lined bliss? NO!!! It goes up and down in a perpetual cycle you retards.

    Warming is a fact, but it is natural. Cooling is a fact and will begin soon enough.

    C02, now that is an issue, and one to look at hard, but you guys are too stupid to look at the real problems.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Actually, it’s since 1880, Mike, if referring to direct temperature measurements, which answers the question. Indirect temperature measurements are in different data set. That’s how measurement works.

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