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Donald Trump Uses Campaign Volunteer With Nazi Symbols All Over Her Hands

Grace Tilly

Donald Trump campaign volunteer

On national TV

On one hand, code for “Heil Hitler”

On the other hand, Odin’s Cross neoNazi symbol

Tattoos because praising Adolf Hitler needs to be permanently on her skin

Broken by Gawker

Good idea, thought Trump campaign

Too exasperated for sentences

yet another white supremacist for Trump

16 thoughts on “Donald Trump Uses Campaign Volunteer With Nazi Symbols All Over Her Hands”

  1. John says:

    OMG if you honestly can’t see that there is something else at play here I feel sorry for you. I don’t know exactly what it is, but these circumstances have a very staged feeling to them. Number one who in Donald trumps campaign committee would be ignorant enough to allow a white supremacist -WITH CLEARLY VISIBLE AND BLATANTLY OFFENSIVE- white power tattoos all over her hands? THEN be stupid enough to let a reporter photograph her? THEN to have her dumb ass smiling a mile wide, which clearly indicates the picture was staged. Number two wasn’t the guy who rushed the stage at Trumps really a white supremacist? I’m just saying there is some really weird stuff going on here.

    1. Jon O says:

      No, the guy who rushed the stage is not a supremacist. You can go learn about him and watch his interview.

      Second – I know it’s impossible, in a world with a history of racism, that racists actually exist. I know that’s hard to handle. I know it’s hard to accept that a woman with old, long-present Nazi tattoos actually believes the stuff that led her to permanently mark herself… and I know, again – based on history – it’s impossible anyone would give these people any actual social power… yup… must be a conspiracy. Hell, the truth on which you base other opinions of yours shows you’re surely one coming equipped with the facts.

      Face it – bigots love Donald. If you don’t ignore his rhetoric, it becomes easy to figure out why.

    2. J Clifford says:

      John, you’re asking us to believe that there is a secret cabal of people who are running all around the country, setting up actors who pretend to be white supremacist Trump supporters, just to make Donald Trump look bad.

      You know, I don’t have any specific evidence that proves that isn’t happening, just as I don’t have any evidence that proves that wicked goblins from the Land of Knaa are not casting magical spells on Donald Trump, forcing him to say stupid, hateful, ugly things.

      When I see that Grace Tilly’s husband, also a Trump volunteer, has a YouTube video list with the title WhitePrideIsAllRight, I’ll follow the principle of Occam’s Razor on this one, John, and presume that it wasn’t the International Brotherhood of Evil Jews who set up his account.

      Oh, but look who else is spreading your conspiracy theory, John. It’s a neoNAzi on Twitter with the account name Nordic1933 – 1933 for the year that Adolf Hitler became Chancellor. Get it? Those white supremacists sure are tricksy with their codes.

      Nordic1933 NeoNazi conspiracy theory about George Soros anti-Trump campaign

      Did International Jewry set up the Nordic1933 account on Twitter just to make you look bad, John?

      1. ella says:

        Well, for heavens sake! What is wrong with whites having pride? Blacks have pride! Although Asians probably believe that pride is wrong, and if you follow Christianity, being prideful is wrong, it is better to be not ashamed of your skin color. Otherwise you will spend the rest of your life in abject misery. Of course White Pride is alright. I suppose there are always some who will abuse or misuse a idea. There seems to be an abundance of it here, but it is limited to black and white – amazing when you think of it. There is black and white – but no gray. Unless the printer is running out of ink.

  2. ella says:

    The Tilly family story is told at the below site. No matter what the truth is, Trump said that he could bring people together. This shows how well he able to do that. America’s social structure is comprised of people with all different kinds of philosophies, from all walks of life. No mean feat to find a point of the meeting of the minds for such a diverse group. Where the Socialist/Communist group seems to coerce people together, the Republican Party of Trump seems to call people together for several purposes.
    “Ms. Tilly argues that these tattoos are not representative of neo-Nazi positions but are connected to her family’s Celtic religious beliefs. ”

    1. J Clifford says:

      No, Ella. Trump is not bringing people with all different philosophies, from all walks of life together. Trump is bringing angry white racists together – a minority of the American population.

      1. ella says:

        This dialog will expand your view J Clifford. Listen, or read, and see if you can look beyond a singular faction within so large a nation.

      2. Grace says:

        we are not what you may think or others may, but I will say this things are not always what they may first seem and in this case they are not, I will not go into complete detail, but I will say that I am completely proud of who I am and believe in a lot of the same things that some of these people that say I am wrong believe in, I will say this we all have the same ideas in some sense just different ways to go about getting the job done.

      3. Heki Kahni says:

        Trump was able to get elected, partly, because there is a real lack of Respect in this country.
        Lack of respect for cultures, races, viewpoints. And a need to destroy or convert differing views.
        Trump reflects the dire state of collective awareness in this country.

        We went from an intelligent, mature person that cared about different cultures and views, and the environment to Trump.

        When we start respecting life more, than the outer mirror will change.

  3. Korky Day says:

    I typed in Odin’s Cross in Wikipedia. Nothing about Nazis or Hitler.
    88 = Heil Hitler is the last of 11 meanings for the number in Wikipedia.

    1. J Clifford says:

      You know, Korky, you can’t even get Wikipedia right. I looked it up. 88 as a white nationalist code for Heil Hitler is actually the third entry in the Wikipedia section on the cultural significance of the number.

      Look at the Southern Poverty Law Center and AntiDefamation League’s materials on this, please.

      1. Grace says:

        88 does not mean HH for me it has a far greater importance and meaning to me and my family, I can not stress that to you enough, it is understood by me and my family and that is where I will leave this.

  4. Korky Day says:

    Maybe they are White supremists, I don’t know. If so, it’s a step upward to join Trump.

    1. ella says:

      Been there since the beginning. Today I learned about Trump’s WWE days and some of the same ways Trump spoke to crowds then that he uses now for entertainment. WWE has a ton of fans!

  5. GhostReveries says:

    88 is primarily the 88 precepts espoused in skinhead ideals. Look them up. The Odin’s cross on her right hand is a symbol of paganism and heathenry. It stands for earth air fire and water. The native Americans have a similar symbol known as the sun wheel and the ancient (pre-christian ) Celts used it as a symbol for the planet we live on and the four elements encompassed and tied together. I am not trying to say she she isn’t a skinhead, but all those symbols tattooed on her have several meanings, including the 88.

  6. Heki Kahni says:

    If David Duke threateningly tells people they need to vote for me as President.
    Then I will have to realize I am racist.

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