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Dana Rohrabacher Opposes Spending, Except For Flash Gordon Colonies In Outer Space

“The prerequisite to prosperity is keeping spending under control and not pushing our country further into debt.”

That’s what U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher tells his constituents. He says that he’s a strong conservative leader who will slash government spending…

…except when it comes to forcing the federal government to spend huge amounts of money to create human colonies in outer space.

This is not a joke.

Yesterday, Representative Rohrabacher introduced H.R. 4752, the Space Exploration, Development, and Settlement Act, to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. If the bill passes both houses of Congress, it would force the President of the United States to officially recognize that “expanding permanent human presence beyond low-Earth orbit in a way that enables human settlement and a thriving space economy will enhance the general welfare of the United States”.

Read that carefully, and you’ll see that the Space Exploration, Development, and Settlement Act is not just about putting a few people in a space station. It’s about spending so much money that there will be permanent human colonies of settlers far away from the Earth – enough space colonists that there will be a separate economy of trade with them.

Dana Rohrabacher actually believes that this kind of massive colonization of outer space is possible right now – when it’s been almost 50 years since any country has even managed to send human beings to the Moon for a brief visit.

Dana Rohrabacher wants to…

– cut Social Security benefits
– cut spending on education
– cut health care spending
– cut domestic infrastructure spending

… because he says that we just don’t have enough money for these things.

However, Rohrabacher wants the federal government to start spending huge amounts of money on a project of “the development of permanent space settlements” like people used to imagine in the gee-whiz Flash Gordon days of the 20th century’s space race.

America can’t afford to have politicians in Congress who keep their heads in outer space, while they are ignoring the real problems we face back here on the ground.

3 thoughts on “Dana Rohrabacher Opposes Spending, Except For Flash Gordon Colonies In Outer Space”

  1. John says:

    I have a GREAT idea! Let’s make him the first settler to colonize the new space station!

  2. Jon sanders says:

    I wonder what possible justification he would have. It would be interesting, M r Clifford, to have inquired to his office the rationale for this obvious imbalance. At the very least you could add to your comments something to the effect that “repeated calls to the Representative for comment were not returned”.

  3. ella says:

    Well, the summary has not yet been written so it cannot be read from that link. It seems like there should be something left for space exploration and development out of Obama’s $4.1 Trillion dollar budget for his final year in office. Oh wait, that is only for the “fiscal year”, so he will probably want bankruptcy for incoming President. No, he wouldn’t want that for Hillary – would he? But we know he does for Trump – or any Republican that is not interested in America actually making money to pay on the interest on the debt. Not just from taxes that is.

    That aside (sorry), it is a good idea to go forward with what we have already started. Star Trec envisioned space travel – after we had already made a home for ourselves on other celestial bodies. That is exploration – finding a way for our peoples to live in other – new – places. The new “young people” have nowhere else to go on this planet. We need that when we are young, and sometimes later in life too. 🙂

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