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3 thoughts on “The Light’s Coming.  What’s Growing?”

  1. ella says:

    The blueberries are beginning to bloom, as are the Daffodils and N.C. Jasmine. Pollen is everywhere. AAaaachoooo! Yep, it’s Spring.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      My goodness. North Carolina’s faster than Maine, I know in the abstract, but here’s something concrete. There are small early green creepers here, and a few green blades of grass have emerged, and some bulbs have put up shoots. That, friends, is about it.

      What else do you see growing in the world, outside the plant kingdom, outside the garden?

      1. ella says:

        A tiny bird has nested on the back porch and babies are making a racket already. They are a little late for down here.

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