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Two Comets = Nibiru and Space Aliens?

Comet to Swerve Closer to Earth than any other Comet in Centuries
So reads a headline from USA Today, with the subsequent article explaining that two comets (named 252P/LINEAR and P2016 BA14) will streak close by the Earth this week?  How close?  Amazingly, thrillingly close?  Actually, no: the closest of the two will be a full 3 million miles away from the Earth at its closest pass — for perspective, the Sun itself is only 93 million miles away from us.  There’s no danger; there’s not really any drama.

Let me revise that: there’s no naturally-supplied drama, but humans are so good at generating their own.  Verbs like “swerve” suggest a course change… almost as if some consciousness were steering these objects. “Almost as if” is a magic phrase — it lets you make untrue declarations without exactly saying you can prove it.  Is anyone rolling out such phrases related to these (“so-called!”) comets? Let’s play a game:

50 points to you if you can find a web page out there speculating that one or both of these comets is actually an alien spaceship.

50 points to you if you can find a web page out there speculating that the appearance of these comets is connected to the mysterious “Planet X” or Nibiru.

10 bonus points if the page alleges a government coverup of some “real” truth about the comets.

100 bonus points if the page mentions BOTH space aliens AND Planet X/Niburu.

What can you find out there?  Ready… go!

4 thoughts on “Two Comets = Nibiru and Space Aliens?”

  1. John says:

    Let’s just hope it’s not Comet C/2013 that flew so close to mars last October that it sucked the majority of the Martian atmosphere left into deep space with it. I’m sure even if our government knew this might be a possibility, they would surely tell the people wouldn’t they? I mean they have always been so honest and upright with us till now, right? You scoff and mock at people who question what they are told by the system. But let me ask you this. Who is really the fool? The one who automatically believes whatever is told to them by the people in control of the media. Or the one that would rather find our first hand what the truth of the matter is, and come to their own conclusion. Sooner or later all truth comes to light. I would rather not be taken so off guard that my mental stability crumbles because my entire reality has been pulled out from under me. Who was it that was quoted saying “the truth of things is far stranger than fiction”? He was most assuredly right.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Where’s your proof that a comet sucked away the majority of Mars’ atmosphere, John? What are the relative masses of CometC/2013 and the planet Mars?

      15 points to you!

      1. Timothy Shaw says:

        I don’t believe that what this site said about it reveals a majority of Mars’ atmosphere being sucked away but it did say, “NASA believes the effects of the comet’s flyby were akin to a solar storm, allowing gas to escape form the planet’s upper atmosphere. ”

  2. Korky Day says:

    How big will the comets appear in our sky compared to the moon or Jupiter?

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