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Republican Senate Decides To Let The People Decide… Until Thursday

You know how Republicans in the U.S. Senate have been telling President Barack Obama that it’s inappropriate for him to exercise his authority as President of the United States during an election year? They’re saying that the presidential election of 2012 doesn’t really count any more, and that there shouldn’t be any Supreme Court vacancies until “the people decide” on the next President in November of this year.

Imagine if the U.S. Senate was held to that same standard. Congress has elections every two years. So, Americans could only see legislative business done every other year. 50 percent of the time, members of Congress would be paid to sit around doing nothing.

Well, this week, it seems that America is getting a little preview of what it would be like if the Senate Republicans decided to “let the people decide” instead of taking its responsibility seriously.

At five seconds after 10:00 AM yesterday, the U.S. Senate began its day of business. Utah Republican Orrin Hatch appointed John Cornyn as acting President of the Senate pro tempore.

Then, at thirty-nine seconds after 10:00 AM yesterday, Senator Cornyn closed the Senate down until Thursday at 11:00 AM.

This week, the Republican Senate isn’t going to do any work. It’s going to put off the important work of the nation so that senators can go off and campaign to be re-elected, or, get elected President of the United States.

For thirty-four seconds this week, the American people didn’t get the chance to decide before the Senate rudely went ahead and briefly opened for business. Thank goodness we didn’t have to endure it for longer.

One thought on “Republican Senate Decides To Let The People Decide… Until Thursday”

  1. No Victim No Crime says:

    Do you really think voting is going to fix the problem? People acting like the state is their religion is the problem. Also known as statism. People would never dare question authority. They simply conduct the ritual of voting to elect their next dictator! They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. Republican vs Democrat, it’s a left vs right paradigm, a delusion. freedom and security will never come from a politician.

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