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My Favorite Donald Trump Anagrams

Anagrams for Donald Trump:

  • Plod Turn Mad
  • Mr. Adult Pond
  • Dump Old Rant
  • Lord Dampnut

Donald Trump Portrait, Scrambled and ReassembledAnagrams for President Trump:

  • Run Tempts Pride
  • Permitted Spurn
  • Reprinted Stump
  • Imprudent Strep
  • Strident Pumper
  • Permed Nut Trips
  • Trump: “I Pretends”
  • Prep Rut Mindset

Anagrams for President Donald Trump:

  • A Peddled Print Nostrum
  • Primp a Stunned Toddler
  • A Splinter? Trump Nodded
  • A Splendid Dump Torrent
  • Diddle Perm, A Porn Stunt

Anagrams for President Donald J. Trump:

  • Mr. Nun Piddled a Jetport
  • A Muddled Jest, Porn Print
  • Mr. Unspent Prodded a Jilt
  • Jump! Trot!  A Splendid Nerd

Anagrams for President Donald John Trump:

  • A Deluded Thorn Prompts Jinn
  • A Piddled Northern Snot? Jump!
  • A Diddler John Promptest Nun
  • A Plodded Northern Nit Jumps

15 thoughts on “My Favorite Donald Trump Anagrams”

  1. Judith L. Osterman says:

    Lord Mudpant

    1. Jim says:

      Lord Mudpant it is!

  2. John says:

    Anagrams for Irregular times:

    1) Hateraid connoisseurs
    2) Worlds most biased blog
    3) Running out of negative stories about TRUMP so resorting to anagrams for putdowns

    Ok ok so I made the last one up 🙂

    1. J Clifford says:

      Running out of negative stories about Donald Trump?!? Hardly. We can’t keep up. We haven’t even touched Trump’s new call for torture, or his blackmail of Ted Cruz’s wife.

      1. ella says:

        This has become a smut pot instead of a blog. That Cruz has consistently, apologetically lied to voters, and now even stooped to attempting to slander Trumps wife, shows a disparaging lack of character on his part. He is unable to defeat Trump honestly because of his Tea Party record. It is well known that Cruz never “stood up for what he believed in” filibustered, until he decided that was a way to the White House. Being a spoiled brat accustomed to using one against the other, he has used even the basest, trashiest, lowest, amoral behavior, to engage the moral outrage of people who do not see anything other than Cruz’s false front. I am sure that the people of Utah, who now see in retrospect, how Cruz used them, will see a different light in the general election. If we are fortunate Trump will be the candidate who wins the White House. Cruz is all for Cruz and everything he can get – any way he can get it. He has even used his own wife to ‘model’ on public television after making his latest base ad to win a primary. Childish in the extreme. Who needs the Clinton’s to throw dirt when they have Cruz? On the other hand, with Cruz throwing it all out there now, what will the Clinton’s have to throw that isn’t already known? Trump married a beautiful, very well educated woman, who is now the mother of his children and has her own jewelry business. GQ magazine was high class, unlike Ted Cruz who is the lowest seen in politics in a very long time. Trump represent ALL Americans. Respect The Donald.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      John, I can promise you that so long as The Donald is alive and talking, we will never run out of critical material. Glad you had fun with your third non-anagram.

  3. JonasSulk says:

    Definitely people with too much time on their hands, thinking ridiculous nonsense is a valid substitute for rational thought and analysis.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      No, no. I definitely put this in the category of ridiculous nonsense. Like all things Trump.

    2. Nic says:

      Ah bless… no time for comedy

  4. Matt Bianco says:

    Anagrams of President Donald Trump

    Stupid Trampler, End Don!
    Mr. Stupid, Date, Lend Porn
    Deep, Torn land, Mr Stupid
    Rot, Trundled damp penis
    Plop, Run, Dad’s Detriment
    Dad’s Lender, Point Trump
    DIP Lenders Pardon Mutt
    Lenders Adopt Mr. Pundit
    Melt Turd Add Penis Porn
    Stupid Errand. Mend Plot

    Anagram of Donald Trump:
    Turd Land Mop

    Anagram of Trump Tower:
    Twerp Tumor

  5. Laura Bergamini says:

    Donald J. Trump = DJ Turd on Palm

  6. LB says:

    Donald J. Trump = DJ Turd on Palm

  7. Max says:


    How appropriate!!

  8. Nic says:

    Old Dun Tramp does it for me

  9. Nic says:

    Or perhaps

    Damp Nut Lord

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