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If “The Destruction of Civilization as We Know It” Were Really at Hand…

Donald Trump Tweets: "This will be the destruction of civilization as we know it! So sad!"

“The destruction of civilization as we know it!” is at hand, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump twitters and tweets. (Thank you, Donald, for clarifying that this would be “so sad!”.)

If the “destruction of civilization” were really at hand, the Department of Homeland Security would have issued some kind of terror alert.  There hasn’t been a new terror alert since December 16, 2015, more than four months ago.  The old alert acknowledges openly that “we know of no intelligence that is both specific and credible at this time of a plot by terrorist organizations to attack the homeland.”  That’s hardly destruction-of-civilization talk.

If the “destruction of civilization” were really at hand, NORAD would have made some kind of declaration of military status.  There have been no NORAD statements for over a month.

If the “destruction of civilization” were really at hand, the President would have been hunkered down this week.  Instead, he was visiting two foreign countries this week to strengthen diplomatic ties.

If the “destruction of civilization” were really at hand, surely Congress would be in session to receive updates and work to handle the crisis.  Congress has been out of session for two days as its members go home early to campaign for re-election.  It doesn’t plan to reconvene for another three days.

If the “destruction of civilization” were really at hand, surely Donald Trump would be spending his time doing more than bragging that his wife looks better than Ted Cruz’s wife.  Ahem:

Donald Trump Plays Whose Wife Looks Better -- Tacky at Best

If the “destruction of civilization” were really at hand, Donald Trump’s rival for the Republican presidential nomination would surely have something to say about the carnage.  In actuality, Ted Cruz has taken advantage of the absolute absence of carnage to point out that “Donald Trump may be a rat but I have no desire to copulate with him.”  The presence of the word “but” in that odd sentence has generated wild speculation, another indication that we are in a light civilization-not-currently-being-destroyed-after-all news cycle.

On the other hand, what’s been coming out of the Republicans’ mouths lately suggests that perhaps a little part of civilization has been destroyed.  It wasn’t a refugee from war who did the damage, though.  We have home-grown terror on our hands.

Nuclear Donald Trump Proclaiming the Destruction of Civilization as We Know It

One thought on “If “The Destruction of Civilization as We Know It” Were Really at Hand…”

  1. ella says:

    “…as we know it!” ”

    You left out the “…as we know it!” ” part of that sentence. Society as we knew it in the 1950’s has already ended. The large “middle class” has dwindled piteously. The Civil Rights Movement changed the demographic of suburban population. Right to Work law changed the demographic of the workplace. The sociopolitical environment has changed as racial demographics in employed and elected government officials and staff have changed.

    Yes, the society as we knew has and is changing. It is an accurate observation. As world social structures collide, we are finding the the old adage “oil and water do not mix” is factual. Migration has moved beyond a restless venture to clash with other cultures. Is that a new event? No. New to the major civilizations of the 21st century? Mostly, yes. The leaders of some nations have allowed a trial, to see if it will work. So far, that is barely a success. Notably, it is beginning to show through, that success depends on the point of view. So far the war(s) are spread out in a makes it seem distant to most, but to those directly involved, very painfully, dramatic.

    What is done, is done. We cannot take that back now. What we can do is try to direct the future in a way that improves on the current situation.

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