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Why The Ted Cruz Sex Scandal News Is Irrelevant Nonsense

News of a sex scandal is being dumped on the Ted Cruz for President campaign this morning. Anthony Bennett at has accused Ted Cruz of having recent sexual affairs with five women, including Katrina Pierson, Sarah Isgur Flores and Amanda Carpenter – and two other women that no one else has identified. This information is being spread by surrogates of the Donald Trump campaign based on sources at Twitter and the National Enquirer.

Yes, Bennett actually cites Twitter and the National Enquirer as sources in this story. “Twitter and the National Enquirer claim to have a key piece of context,” he writes.

Twitter, the company, actually isn’t claiming anything about Ted Cruz’s sex life. When Anthony Bennett cites Twitter as a source, it tells you something about the quality of this supposed sex scandal. All Bennett is really able to say is that a bunch of people who have social media accounts over on Twitter have said that they think Ted Cruz is having sexual affairs. These people could be your neighbor, your mother-in-law, or that strange guy down the street who flies the Confederate battle flag from his front porch.

Oh, but the National Enquirer claims to have inside D.C. sources… that are completely anonymous, and thus, not completely real. The Enquirer writes, “‘Private detectives are digging into at least five affairs Ted Cruz supposedly had,’ claimed a Washington insider.”

Readers who have just an ounce of critical thinking skill will notice that the Enquirer isn’t even claiming that its secret-and-perhaps-pretend source has evidence of any sexual affair involving Ted Cruz. It’s merely asserting that some private investigators are looking around to see if they can find any evidence of any sexual affair that might have happened.

With this thin thread of second hand anonymous allegations of private detectives looking for evidence of sexual affairs, the sex scandal news wouldn’t have grounds for belief if it was published on the front page of the New York Times. But, that’s not where it’s coming from. The National Enquirer is a supermarket tabloid that’s infamous for making up completely false stories involving famous people. One recent headline read, “Kurt Cobain was murdered – with this shotgun! Secret recordings reveal a motive to have the Nirvana rocker killed!” With content like this, the credibility of the National Enquirer is about as low as it gets.

who cares about a sex scandalBut, let’s say that the story is true. Let’s suppose, for the sake of argument, that Ted Cruz did have sex with five different women who are not his wife.

So what? Ted Cruz isn’t campaigning to be elected the Husband of the USA. He’s campaigning to be elected President of the USA, and that’s not a job that requires any particular sexual behavior. The job of the President is to run the federal government, not to be a national exemplar of sexual mores.

There’s a flip side to this story, though. Just as the kind of sex Ted Cruz chooses to have, and the people he chooses to have sex with, are not relevant to the job he seeks to do as President of the United States, the holier-than-thou pose of of Christian superiority that Cruz has campaigned with is irrelevant as well.

This week, Ted Cruz issued a 15 point-plan for imposing Christian religious beliefs and practices on the entire nation. It includes strict government controls on Americans’ sex lives through the following policies:

  • “Issue an Executive Order protecting persons from discrimination by the federal government on the basis of their view that marriage is between a man and a woman.”
  • “Rescind Executive Order 13672, which had… required certain federal contractors to not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.”
  • “Direct all federal agencies to stop interpreting “sex” to include “sexual orientation” and/or “gender identity” where the term “sex” refers to a protected class in federal law. Prioritize this effort at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Housing and Urban Development.”
  • “Direct HHS to exempt entirely all employers who object for moral or religious reasons to the contraception mandate.”

    The bottom line translation of these items is that Ted Cruz wants to give the federal government the role of deciding who Americans should have sex with, and under what circumstances Americans can become pregnant. Ted Cruz also regularly pushes for the U.S. federal government to be given the power to impose “Judeo-Christian values” on everyone, whether they’re Jewish, Christian, or someone else.

    So, when Ted Cruz issued this plan for government mandated sexual purity, he was engaging in just the kind of intrusion of personal business into public politics that the purveyors of #CruzSexScandal are playing with now. The only difference is who is being targeted.

    Before, Ted Cruz campaigned to use the power of the federal government to control people’s private lives, including big government regulation of people’s sex lives. Now, Ted Cruz is the one who finds his private sex life targeted by the Republican morality police.

    In both cases, the invasion of privacy is wrong. In both cases, the Republicans aren’t likely to give it up any time soon.

  • 31 thoughts on “Why The Ted Cruz Sex Scandal News Is Irrelevant Nonsense”

    1. ella says:

      Oh boy! What really is noticeable is that Ted and Heidi Cruz, no matter their bedroom habits, have via a “not mine” PAC invaded the personal life of an opponent in order to win the votes in the Utah primary. Possibly thinking that it would suffice to carry to the nominaiton. That is about as sleazy as it gets. They are acknowledged “political animals”, a team who works together for the same ends. The loud, insults being thrown at Trump for some supporters reacting in kind, are to be expected, that is the Cruz character, coming out clearly.
      The Trumps on the other hand, represent the rest of us, the people who do the financing and electing of the “political animals” that inhabit the halls of Congress and the White House. And yes, anyone who has ever contributed even so much as $1.00 to any campaign has helped to finance that candidate. The Clinton’s have collected millions $1.00 at a time, as have other candidates, from simple, minimum wage earners hoping for a better future. The point now is that many of those hopes have been trodden down by the “political animals”, and we want someone who is one of us. Donald and Melania Trump certainly fit. They represent the best, the worst, the successful, and a family life. Maybe they will be able to revive what this nation once stood for, it certainly seems that way.
      Ted Cruz has made it abundantly clear that he does not want anything to do with being a mere Vice President, that all of his effots are aimed at one goal and he will – and apparently is still – doing anything to meet his end. It is possible to respect him for that. It is his methods that are reprehensible. That said, it is not his Tea Party background that is a block to his being President, this one actually was a big part in that movement. Some changed the cuase to suit their own purposes. It is my opinion that Ted Cruz is one of those people. He simply does not have what it takes to be in a higher office and he needs to improve on his actions in the office he holds.

      1. J Clifford says:

        Whoah. Wait a minute.

        Donald Trump has engaged in personal attacks against opponents all throughout the campaign, and he’s doing so now against Cruz.

        How can you deplore this activity in Ted Cruz, and then pretend it doesn’t exist with Donald Trump?

        Oh, right. I forgot. You vote Republican. Moral hypocrisy is in the party platform.

        1. ella says:

          Sorry, I missed this comment earlier. Trump has never gone to a personal – in the bedroom – level against any of the other candidates. Calling childish names like “little man”, was an off-shoot of Cruz calling Trump “big man”. Trump did a lot of shushing Cruz and Rubio when they constantly interrupted him – sometimes he just stood there to see if they would mature and be silent. N- in this I highly differ with you, Trump has not acted in the same vein as Cruz, who is very nasty and childish in his vindictive attacks – which are totally to gain votes just before each primary or caucus. Cruz is an old time dirty Texas politician. Johnson wouldn’t hold a candle to this boy. As they used to say in Texas “I wonder how many he killed to get elected.”

        2. Chloe7 says:

          It’s relevant since he banks on the christian vote and he quotes Joshua of the Bible which says : As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord” – for ppl who are not christian, the hypocrisy of this will never make sense.

      2. Susan S. says:

        There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Cruz had anything to do with putting out the picture of Melania which, by the way, was a public picture that she modeled for and would, therefore be proud of it, right? I’m not sure how that is such a big deal. Most comments by men that I have seen say they would love to have a First Lady that looked like that.

        On the other hand we know that Trump is golf buddies with Pecker, and Stone has been an adviser to his campaign. AND it was his little vixen Adriana Cohen who gleefully broke the story–the kind of story that can actually wreck a marriage, if not a campaign. But I’m SURE The Donald had nothing to do with that, because he says so.


        Oh, and Donald Trump and his wife do not remotely represent me or anyone else I know, so I’m not sure who you mean by ‘the rest of us’.

        1. ella says:

          “There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Cruz had anything to do with putting out the picture of Melania which, by the way, was a public picture that she modeled for and would, therefore be proud of it, right?”

          By now you probably know that Ted Cruz/Cruz campaign bought the photo of Donald Trumps wife, and then had it used in the ad. The tenor of the ad was not that which would have been in the GQ magazine, but then it was only part of a photo shoot, so not necessarily public property – until it was sold. And you are right, it is a lovely photo, a part of American and world culture.

          As for Trump not representing you – that is an opinion matter for each of us, but I was referring to Trump being a businessman, a part of American society who gained his wealth from work, intuition, and intelligence. This in contrast to those who are paid by the American people, including all working classes and business people, the elected officials and hired employees of government. It is not an individual matter, but a position in society matter. Obviously there are those who have reasons for wanting certain people to ‘represent’ them. Ted Cruz is worth $3.2 million, conservatively, and makes $174,000 annually. He is paid outright this salary, plus all benefits and his campaign is raking in the millions along the way via a political avenue – the Party machine.

          Many people resent that Donald Trump is not engaged in this process. But then neither has he spent a great deal of time with deeply personal attacks on other candidates. Calling a man ‘loser’ or ‘little man’ or putting the picture of another mans wife’s face out, is not the underhanded manner in which I have watched Cruz behave. To me, he is the Juvenal delinquent that was never corrected, so he continues to believe he can lie, cheat, and hurt others without consequence. That is not what I consider Presidential material. His ideas were taken from Donald Trumps comments early on, just restated. He is running on nothing more than what Donald Trumps original policy positions were. So, in fact, those who support Cruz are supporting Donald Trumps policy positions put into politi-speak.

    2. Dave says:

      I agree, Peregrin, that this “scandal” is irrelevant hogwash, but one reason things like this would matter to the public is that many still understand that when a man meets a woman at the altar and takes an oath he should keep it. When a candidate goes to Washington to be sworn in as President, he or she takes and oath. If they are already known for duplicitous behavior, why put them in the highest office? Personal morals don’t matter to most people, but they do matter to many, and this is always a factor in elections. Just saying that morals don’t matter doesn’t make a moral issue a non-issue.

      Even if the allegations about Cruz were true, he’s a bit of a jerk anyhow, as beholden to Wall Street as Hillary. One thing that Trump has in his favor (and you have to look hard for these things) is that he’s probably had his day buggering the help, and may have grown out of it.

      1. J Clifford says:

        I agree that duplicity in general is a negative characteristic in an elected leader, Dave, and that morality in general is a good thing.

        What I’m sick of are politicians who try to make PERSONAL duplicity a PUBLIC issue, and use PUBLIC power to force people into their own particular little models of PERSONAL morality.

        It’s possible for a person to be a great political leader while having personal problems. It’s possible for a person to be a fine, upstanding member of society in private life and to be a terrible leader.

        Marriage is not at all a perfect model for elected office. I’d just as soon that we keep the discussion about what political leaders actually want to do with public power.

        1. Dave says:

          My point is, if his own wife can’t trust him, why should we? You gotta figure the nation’s getting married for four to eight years, and fidelity at home is no different from public fidelity. At least for some.

          1. J Clifford says:

            Well, Trump has also had extramarital affairs. So, by your criterion, the two strongest candidates for the Republican nomination are disqualified. So, who are you going to support now?

            1. Dave says:

              Been voting for longer than I can remember but have sorely regretted the sanction I have given to some of the fools in office over the years. The last four election cycles I voted for unknowns. I sleep well now.

            2. J Clifford says:

              I understand that point of view very well. It is difficult to argue against, so long as those unknown candidates are people whose policies you actually support.

            3. ella says:

              There is a bit of a difference. Trump had an affair, wound up divorced and married his affair. Then he just got another divorce after the baby was born. He did have the responsible nature to marry the mothers of his children. His last and final marriage was before any babies were in the offing and has lasted. It has been speculated the first two were there for the same reason and gained what they wanted. That said, Trump has been and excellent father and role model for his children – all of them. And cared well for his ex-wives and current wife as well.
              In Cruz’s case, it is just the outside stands, and move on, with maybe an on-gain, off-again affair. Or so it seems. Not at all the same thing as Trump and shows a weakness that could involve national interests.

        2. ella says:

          Yes, J Clifford, that is exactly the point. Trump has, on many occasions attempted to give his vision and views – policies – in a reasonable manner – and been consistently interrupted. Even at rallies he has not been allowed to voice some very reasonable policy views. If Cruz, and I believe others from the Democratic side, will allow him to speak now that he has had time to become a known name, it just maybe he has matured in the art of politics enough to understand how to articulate his policies. Cruz and others, need to back off and let the man speak. If he is wrong, let the people vote their conscience. I cannot tolerate Cruz any longer, and I do believe that there is something wrong in his kitchen. I do not believe he would make a good President, if for no other reason than his way of handling competition.

    3. Nathan Norman says:

      Let’s get #MilnesSexScandal trending on twitter.

    4. Korky Day says:

      Thanks, Peregrin Wood, for a mostly sensible article, but Dave has a good point, too, about how we want to vote for people of good character.
      However, the ‘scandal’, such as it is, is drawing many people into voting who have not been interested in politics without sex.
      Trump, of course, is the easy winner in this latest skirmish. He’s a political genius.
      I predict he’ll be president, but even if he were to lose, the winner should give him an important job, such as brokering a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians. I think he can.
      Bernie Sanders has better policies than Trump, but Trump has the better political and leadership skills, I think.

      1. ella says:

        Does anyone remember Senator John Edwards when he ran for president in 2008? Picture of purity with an obviously loving wife and children. No one could have ever believed the man was unfaithful, a strong Christian.
        Up until now, I would have said that Cruz is a hard nosed politician that slung lies and biased facts at critical times to steal the vote from opponents. Very planned and calculated. Also practiced at reversing any reaction, to make the victim appear at fault and him, Cruz, totally innocent and put upon. There is something to be said about a person with that type of character, and it is so natural with Cruz. He is devious and deceptive. People like that frequently have something not good to hide and are keeping a constant smoke screen up to cover it.
        Not that anyone really wants to know that Cruz has a laundry list of affairs, he isn’t alone in that category, but he has leaned so heavily on the Christians believing he is almost angelic and Trump is a dirty man. It may well be true that he is indeed having affairs. Somethings have already come to light months ago. Now that it is in the open, more will come to light as investigators learn the facts.
        “One such outlet was Breitbart News, which was shown “a compilation video of Cruz and a woman other than his wife coming out of the Capitol Grille restaurant and a hotel on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” a source inside the publication told The Daily Beast. (Leave it to a politician to keep a standardized booty call schedule.)”

        1. Jim Cook says:

          The Capitol Grille is a known location for politicians to meet with lobbyists and fundraisers. 1/2 the planet is a woman other than Ted Cruz’s wife. You’re digging pretty deep into circumstantial tidbits. You don’t need to: Ted Cruz’s policy ideas are just plain nutty, placed out there as plain as day. When you have a presidential candidate who wants to convert Muslim-concentrated neighborhoods into patrolled, secured ghettos, why do you need to bother with pictures of Ted Cruz standing next to, if all things, a woman?

          1. J Clifford says:

            Jim, it’s because for Republicans, things like unnecessary wars, torture, and prison camps for American citizens who aren’t members of the nation’s majority religion sound like no big deal. Their outrage is reserved for the titillating details of individual sex scandals. The GOP has become the NEP – the National Enquirer Party.

            Values voters, huh?

            1. ella says:

              Yes Cruz drug is dragging it into the gutter, which is another indicator of his character. Those who vote for him really are easily influenced in the wrong manner.

    5. Dawn says:

      I have to disagree. I think someone running on a christian platform does have to be the face of that platform or he has no substance. Trump is no saint but he doesn’t hide that fact.
      NE did break the John Edwards story.

      1. J Clifford says:

        What you aren’t understanding, Dawn, is that running for the secular office of President of the United States, a nation in which the segment of the population that’s Christian is sinking, on a Christian platform is in itself irrelevant nonsense.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          I would kind of side with the hypocrisy charge here for Ted Cruz, who wants to use government to force everyone into abiding by Christian moral codes…

          … If there were any actual evidence. There isn’t – just innuendo.

          1. ella says:

            “…Ted Cruz, who wants to use government to force everyone into abiding by Christian moral codes…” Jim Cook
            “Washington (CNN)Ted Cruz came in second in the recent Louisiana Republican primary behind Donald Trump but could win more delegates — and the the real estate mogul is crying foul. Trump beat the Texas senator in the March 5 contest by 3.6%. Under party rules the pair each won 18 delegates. But Cruz’s campaign is using its organization muscle to sway ten more delegates toward his camp, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday –…”
            This is another “photo” of Ted Cruz’s character -the Evangelical Christian. Again he is back stabbing, finding ways to cheat, bully, coerce delegates already won by another candidate (Trump) into ignoring their responsibility so he can gain a majority of delegates he was unable to win legitimately. This man must either take drugs to sleep at night, or has no conscience. Can anyone possibly believe Cruz would go into the White House with concern for the American public? A lawyer who is trying to re-write the Constitution? Does the sound like any other Senator/lawyers you know who have taken up residence in the White House in recent times?

    6. Ronnie says:

      Bull shit it’s all true it’s a fact deal with it.

      1. J Clifford says:

        Ronnie, this was a brilliant, articulate expression of your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to share it, and to represent the thoughtfulness with which people of your political persuasion engage in public debate. We encourage you to return and comment again in order to share your inspiring eloquence.

    7. Leisel says:

      The video of Cruz as a college student wanting to take over the WHOLE world and dictate to everyone is . Enough for me to not trust this man. And, yes we should not want a president who runs around on their wife and family. A man as that can not be trusted. Every one should be able to worship as they want not be dictated to…. again the video of the young Cruz wanting to take over the world. Can’t trust anyone who wants to be a dictator. I am seeing not much difference in democrat’s than republican’s… just one little thing they all blame someone other than them self…. and each blame the other party. So if he had affair’s yes it should concern each and everyone .

      1. ella says:

        You have pointed out something important, well more than one thing. The lame blame game politicians use when they do not keep promises. One thing nice about Trump is that, heck, he needs to say something a few times before he gets it straight! 🙂 🙂 As a businessman, there are just things that don’t come up everyday. But when he gets it straightened out, you pretty well know what he means. He wants the Untied States to get better and to help the American people, not rule the world. He has his hands full with ‘his family’, the campaign, running America (if he is/when he is President), and he is a new granddad as well.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Sorry, that excuse doesn’t work for a billionaire who has been preparing to run for President for at least a decade.

          He had all the resources to prepare at his disposal.

          If he’s not ready now, he won’t ever be.

          1. ella says:

            Why do you say he has been preparing to run for President for 10 years? Oh, you mean his jump in for the publicity stunts. It may have taken that long for him to realize that he actually has something to contribute. I don’t really believe he has ever been serious before. If Cruz would come out from behind the women’s skirts, and quit leaning on his father, maybe we could get a better look at him. He covers up his misdeeds immediately by running to his wife and parents. Of course he has Carley Fiorina too. You people probably know the candidates personally, but I still believe that the nation will be better off with Trump than any other Republican or Democrat running. We really need someone who really knows how to cut spending and make money so the government can afford a domestic policy/foreign policy. Trump just sounds so much more principled, professional, and ethical than the observed behavior of Ted Cruz. Although he seems speech challenged at times. It almost seems like he is nervous or self conscious in front of the cameras.

    8. Korky Day says:

      High school debates often (if not usually) have the students taking opposite positions than their true opinions, just for the sake of argument.
      I did that in high school.
      I didn’t see Ted Cruz’s school video, but one must keep that in mind–not that I like him at all; I don’t.

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