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Donald Trump Promotes the Spread of Nuclear Weapons

When people justify their support for the Donald Trump campaign, I hear them praise his brash, crude, impulsive character. They find his willingness to ignore the conventions of politics to be refreshing.

I wonder, when I hear such justifications, whether Trump’s supporters realize that the President of the United States needs to do anything more than stand up and give speeches. Do they remember that the President of the United States has power over a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons?

This weekend, Donald Trump gave the world a reminder of what the consequences of an impulsive American President could be. Commenting on foreign policy, Trump proposed the idea that South Korea and Japan could be encouraged to develop nuclear weapons arsenals of their own. Allowing Japan and South Korea to have their own nuclear weapons is “something that we have to talk about”, Trump said.

For a generation, the United States has been working to reduce the number of nuclear weapons spread around the world, under the control of different national governments. Now, Donald Trump is proposing to undo that work, and to create more opportunities for nuclear weapons to be used as more than just a deterrent, but as tools of massive destruction capable of destroying entire cities with the flick of a single switch.

Trump’s casual approval of the expansion of nuclear weapons around the world demonstrates that he hasn’t given the responsibility of the President over our own nation’s nuclear arsenal the grave consideration that it deserves. Nuclear weapons aren’t something that anyone, much less a candidate for President of the United States, should discuss flippantly.

8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Promotes the Spread of Nuclear Weapons”

  1. ella says:

    It would seem the only people in the world who cannot hear or interpret the words and actions of Donald Trump are those who deliberately do so – and those who cannot hear them over the banshee screams of the MSM. It seems that someone, not the voters, is being coerced into running away from the Socialist status quo that has been so carefully developed in America since 1919. The official takeover is 16 years overdue. To that end, it was written, that the American people would be too lazy and soft, too lulled into complacency, to be able to defeat a simple coup. That is effectively being done from both “Parties”. With Ted Cruz crafting the downfall of the Republican Party for the Democrats, and the Democrats gathering all of the most effective derogatory fly-back from the Cruz debacle, deliberately re-wording Trumps intent, and watching the loudly proclaimed dishonor of the Republicans by MSM, they can sail past the real national issue of the Clinton’s 24 year works to claim the White House. They spent 8 years in the White House, Hillary spent 8 years in the Senate, and 7 years as Secretary of State, quitting only to continue the run for the White House in 2016.

    The question is, can Ted Cruz be persuaded to quit working for the Clinton’s and actually support the Republican Party?

    1. J Clifford says:

      Sorry to interrupt your talking points, Ella, but can you please address the subject matter at hand?

      Do you agree with Donald Trump that it’s a good idea for Japan and South Korea to develop arsenals of nuclear weapons?

      1. Chuck Patrick says:

        Dear Cliffy Baby: First of all , no matter what’s said, your LEFT LOOK is probably all YOU see, but anyway,


        Do you agree with Donald Trump that it’s a good idea for Japan and South Korea to develop arsenals of nuclear weapons?

        You bet! I agree because its kind of like if guns are illegal, then only the good guys WON’T HAVE THEM premise! cause japan and SK are the good guys so with where they’re located it could sure help when the bad guys around that part of town seem to either have or will have them soon~ Bottom line, let’s get the good guys to a stronger position than just sit on the sofa and fart, and not just let us light the f-in candle. The rest of these phony’s will waste another 4 which includes Cruz as he now has strings from Gepetto and joined the puppet show! The world has been laughing for the longest time at the U.S. as being the phony “leader of the free world, because WASHINGTON HAS MADE AMERICA WEAK, SO IF TRUMP DOES ANYTHING AT LEAST HE’LL MAKE ALL FEAR US.
        Thing about FEAR is that is closer to RESPECT than one can possibly imagine~ WE’VE NOT BEEN FEARED FOR A LONG TIME! BULLY YOU SAY? WHY NOT, because our KISS ASS APPROACH HAS GOTTEN US TRADE AGREEMENTS THAT make countries line up to make deals with us to see who can jam it to us better than the one before, while these world security agreements with other nations should be torn up in front of each country, for the way we would help them compared to the way they would help us. Word around the globe says that country’s are already shaken and praying against the thought of Trump hanging out in the Oval Office. This stop “Stop Trump” trash is so cool, as those involved are a like a colony of red ants running around when their Queen has been axed, because he’s shaken the “hill” not ant, but Capital and they know that their little bubble is about to POPPPPPPP !

      2. ella says:

        You hear what is said, not between the lines. That is a type of politi-speak for “Are you considering building nuclear weapons?” Japan understood that and responded – “No.”

  2. Charles Manning says:

    Thanks for the most cogent response to Trump’s insanity on this issue that I’ve seen or heard.

    Trump’s lack of moral principles underlies the remarks about nuclear weapons, but also his other comments about immigrants, torture, white supremacists, the 2nd Amendment, women, religion, his political opponents, and even his own supporters. It also underlies his numerous lies and distortions when confronted with facts he doesn’t like.

    Think back to when he was contributing to people like the Clintons. How much do you suppose their thoughts and actions were affected by the moral bankruptcy that accompanied Trump’s dollars?

  3. Dave says:

    Thanks for bringing this up, J. I was not aware of Trump’s statements. It is an interesting conversation that seems to be starting regarding the U.S. bankrolling of so many other nation’s security. This seems to be entirely a Trump phenomenon and for all his faults, I don’t recall any other contemporary politician prompting questions of the need for the U.S. to pay for it all.

    When thinking about this, my default view on nukes has always been that we don’t need more of them, but in the context of who will pay for their own security, it seems plausible that if Japan and S. Korea had their own, it may not mean an overall increase in the world’s nuclear arsenal so much as simply a decrease in the U.S. nuke arsenal. I would think an eventual decrease in our own nuke arms would be a good thing, but I have always thought “proliferation” a bad thing. I am wondering these days if our (U.S) objection to nuclear proliferation over the years doesn’t have some racist 20th century overtones that other countries eventually would find troubling today. That is, why do we think we are wiser and better suited to handle such weapons than people of certain other cultures and nations?

    Why not let countries who are directly threatened (in this case from N. Korea) determine their own security needs and create — and pay for — their own solutions? One answer has always been to let the Americans do all that because they have all that money, but times have changed. Now the largest debtor nation, the U.S. probably should re-examine its UN, NATO and treaty relationships in light of the financial commitments they require. Not really off-topic, this also comes to mind: why should European workers get 30 days paid vacation to some beach on Majorca each year while American workers just keep busting their ass working two jobs so Europe can shell out next to nothing for their own national security needs? It ain’t right.

    1. ella says:

      You certainly have a way with words Chuck Patrick. No interpreter needed! Basically, I would agree with you on the points that it is time for the United States to stop supporting the rest of the world, while paying them to be friends as well. We have the worst, “You have to do what I tell you because I pay you to.” attitude. And it is not making us friends. Money, after all, is the “root of all evil” (evil meaning: ‘confusion’) Also, we have run out of money to give them, much less take care of domestic responsibilities. Rome did that, we see how it worked out for them. The Senators of Rome collected as much of the citizenry wealth as they could before the collapse, and those who could escaped. Humm…. It would be nice to have a President who actually thought about the nation first – and has the ability to bring it back before – well – cough – too hard to say.

  4. Korky Day says:

    None of you have mentioned that J Clifford, in quoting Donald Trump, disproved J Clifford’s own thesis.
    Talking about something, as Trump proposed, is NOT taking a position one way or the other.

    The sad part is that most of the Irregular Times’ writers similarly smear Trump. Which only helps Trump.

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