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Ice Trifecta: Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland See Higher Melt Than Average. Trump? Well…

“Now they don’t know if they have global warming. They call it all sorts of different things; now they’re using “extreme weather” I guess more than any other phrase. I am not—I know it hurts me with this room, and I know it’s probably a killer with this room—but I am not a believer.” — Donald Trump, March 21 2016

Global Temperature:

NOAA Global Temperature Trend through February 2016

Arctic Sea Ice:

Arctic Sea Ice Extent as of March 28 2016

Greenland Melt Extent:

Greenland Melt, as of December 2015

Antarctic Ice:

Antarctic Ice Extent as of February 2016

11 thoughts on “Ice Trifecta: Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland See Higher Melt Than Average. Trump? Well…”

  1. J Clifford says:

    Also in the news: The Great Barrier Reef is suffering under the biggest bleaching event ever recorded there. Bleaching is a result of higher ocean water temperature, which also causes sea level rise, which won’t just harm coral polyps.

    Global warming has consequences, and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both ignore the cause and the consequences.

  2. ella says:

    IF the fight would go between the Democrats and the Republicans the global temperature would probably drop .5 degrees. Then we would all be cold. As long as Tea Party Cruz is fighting the Republican Trump it will probably get hotter. Then there is the Socialist Sanders fighting the Democrat Clinton, let’s face it this is a real revolution and revolution is always a storm. Of course the big losers are always the people.

  3. Korky Day says:

    As a long-time Green, I say that Donald Trump is quite wrong on this important issue.

  4. ella says:

    What Trump has said is that climate is always changing. That, of course is true. On the long cycle, it happens so slowly we never notice it until it effects us in our daily lives.. We are in a long cycle climate change and our weather is changing a little. We have a dramatic system of reporting weather events now, which of course, makes people more reactive to normal weather systems. Tornadoes are a commonly expected phenomena that happen primarily in the Spring when temperatures are changing radically in the Northern Hemisphere. But the do happen year round. El Nino/La Nina is a natural phenomena which happens, normally, every 10 to 11 years – right along with an increase in sun spot activity. Have the polar caps melted before? Yes. It is a longer cycle. Did the planetary flora and fauna have anything to do with it? To some extent, no doubt there is some effect on it. So Trump has only stated the facts. Does the weather change effect us? Of course it does. Can we alter the degree of the change? Maybe. We have proven that we can alter our environment and biosphere.

    1. J Clifford says:

      No, Ella. Once again, you’re just wrong.

      Donald Trump has explicitly stated that he doesn’t believe that global warming is even happening.

      He’s made up news of freak winter storms that didn’t exist, just in order to claim that global warming couldn’t possibly be real.

      Donald Trump has not only stated the facts. He has blatantly, and repeatedly, lied on this subject.

      What on earth do you see in this person?

      1. ella says:

        Certainly not the grossly exaggerated lamentations that you are putting forth. Trump facetiously said: Brrrr, it’s cold out here” and some had a jerk knee reaction. We had several winter storms in their season. And Trump says: “I believe it goes up and I believe it goes down.”
        Back around 1994/1995 when I started this El Nino thing and supported climate change, it was based on climate related facts. I am aware that warming in the polar regions is causing very real effects on millions of people directly, and the rest of the population indirectly. Sea level rise is inevitable and coming much faster than the scientists said it would, of course. Public officials work to keep social rest – not unrest. It is a work in progress to show people in certain areas that to relocate would be to the benefit of future generations, if not to them personally. Surely you realize this is a dramatic change in one’s life. But that has little to do with climate change and weather change being separate issues, except when the weather change is directly related to climate change.
        What I see in Donald Trump is a person who is sincerely interested in actually reversing the headlong descent of American society. I see a person who is in a unique position to correct decades of governmental mismanagement which absolutely none of the professional politicians either knows how to do, or is willing to do. As the professionals only seek self enrichment and aggrandizement, it is not in their self interest to do anything but blindly continue with self destruction. The problem with that is, they will gladly take down the rest of us while they believe they can just continue on – or escape elsewhere unscathed. Do I have a jaundiced view – wellllll – it takes time to see the progression has a pattern of repetition.

        1. Korky Day says:

          I’m confused, ella. Is that bit after the link a quote? You didn’t put in quote marks.

          1. ella says:

            I even confused myself there for a bit Korky Day. Hope this gets it straightened out.
            “Donald Trump has explicitly stated that he doesn’t believe that global warming is even happening.”

            “He’s made up news of freak winter storms that didn’t exist, just in order to claim that global warming couldn’t possibly be real.”
            The first one was in reply to this quote from J Clifford.

            The second one was in reply to this part of that post: “What on earth do you see in this person?”

            The rest of it was my wandering through the past. Sorry about that.

      2. ella says:

        That was a little lengthy J Clifford. I know you have sometimes almost volatile views about things, but this nation is home to me, and a lot of other people, you too. Who do you want to lead our Democratic Republic? Or do you believe that it should remain a Republic as the Constitution was meant to guarantee it in perpetuity? The way the dual party system is now set up, the Party heads actually determine who will lead the government, both Democratic and Republican. Yet we have elections to select who the population would like to represent them. Of those choices, the “delegates” and the Party(s), then discuss who they want, and so on. Who knows what negotiations entail in that process, hummm? So now comes along a popular – non professional politician – candidate that simply can cause waves – they are afraid – in their puddles. Are you beginning to see what I see in Trump?

        1. Korky Day says:

          Yes, ella, Trump has much potential. I agree with you on that.
          But he won’t even acknowledge my letters which include excellent suggestions how he could win and be a great president.

          1. ella says:

            Is there a place you can actually write to him? Have you tried tweeting him for an address where he would receive your mail? In his position, it would be inadvisable for him to actually reply directly to you. See if some of your suggestions are used. You know, the ‘anything you put in writing’ rule. If he received your letter he likely gave it due attention.

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