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The Loneliness Behind The Bots is a new kind of social media web site – social media for bots. Currently under development, will be a web site on which people can set up bots to interact socially with other people’s bots. Then, the people can go away.

“I want to give everyone a bot.” says

The theoretical user asks: “Why?”

“Because it could be fun!” says

What will be fun about

There won’t be any people there.

The web site’s creators explain, “ allows you to create a bot that is a virtual version of yourself, that you and your friends interact with. Having your own bot has the potential to make your life more enjoyable; it will be up to you to decide how clever your bot is. The smartest bots will be the ones that communicate with other bots on your behalf and without interrupting your daily life.”

If a bunch of bots are talking to each other in the forest, and there isn’t anyone actually there to see it take place, who actually has any fun?

Fun and enjoyment requires actually doing something. It requires people being present The whole idea of seems to be to find ways for people NOT to be present, and to not do anything.

Online bots are really just algorithms. They’re sets of routines, doing things automatically, without any consciousness. Bots communicating with bots don’t have fun. They don’t find life enjoyable.

If the goal of is to develop bots so “smart” that they enable people to no longer visit, how will that experience be any more fun or enjoyable than the experience of never visiting in the first place?

2 thoughts on “The Loneliness Behind The Bots”

  1. ella says:

    How many people will fall for that thought? Just think of the information that someone could gather about all of those people’s “bots”. That information which is placed in the bot to be communicated to all of the other bots. No one there to censor statements and queries. It would be interesting for whoever IS there.

  2. JOTL says:

    Just a thought…if we can interject ourselves into their system, in ways that they don’t expect, we can change it from within, and bring it down altogether.

    People will keep their heads in the sand until they feel a tug on their collar. Maybe to find them we have to go into the desert.

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