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Democrat Jackie Speier: All Your Words Belong to Me

While it’s hard to ignore Donald Trump’s weekly assaults upon decorum, civilization and sanity, it is important for us to recognize that there are other politicians out there.  Some of them are in office.  And what they’re trying to do in office?  Well, it gives Donald Trump a real run for his money.

California Democrat Jackie Speier: All your words belong to meTake U.S. Representative Jackie Speier of California.  She’s a Democrat, and this week she’s demonstrated conclusively that a Democrat can be as full of The Crazy as any Republican.  Speier has introduced a bill numbered H.R. 4886, titled “Closing the Pre-Paid Mobile Device Security Gap Act of 2016.”

Are our mobile devices insecure?  Do they have poor self esteem that Rep. Jackie Speier proposes to bolster through U.S. government educational programs?

No, that’s not what she means.

Are our mobile devices insecure?  Do they tend to get stolen easily?  Does Rep. Jackie Speier propose to place locks on mobile devices or develop technology to help stolen mobile devices find their way home?

No, that’s not what she means.

Are our mobile devices insecure?  Are governments breaking into private phones and private communications too easily?  Would Rep. Jackie Speier propose to develop laws that strengthen encryption so that when people are speaking to one another, their conversation will be free from intrusion from government agents who have no business butting in?

No, she actually means the opposite.

What Rep. Jackie Speier means by the “Pre-Paid Mobile Device Security Gap” is the fact that people can choose to buy cell phones, use them on a fixed-length basis, and talk to one another without anyone in the government knowing who’s talking to whom.  What Rep. Speier means is that pre-paid mobile devices are too secure for the people who buy them and use them.  Just as George W. Bush’s “Clear Skies Initiative” was a law that tried to make it easier for polluters to smog up our skies, Rep. Speier’s “Closing the Pre-Paid Mobile Device Security Gap Act” is a way to make mobile device usages less private, less secure for their users.

Read the text of H.R. 4886 and you’ll find out that if the bill passes, everyone who buys a pre-paid mobile phone or pre-paid mobile card will have to:

A) Share their driver’s license, replete with personally-identifying information, and in some cases share their social security numbers, with small-time convenience store clerks and obscure website owners.

B) Have those small-time convenience store clerks and website owners send the combination of your name, your driver’s license number, and your social security number together over the internet to…

C) A mobile phone company, who will keep all of the above, too, in order to…

D) Share it with the feds if anyone decides they want it.

Does sharing the combination of your name, driver’s license number, and social security number with four different sets of people make you feel more secure?  Does surrendering your identity every time you want to talk to someone else on the phone make you feel more secure?

No, this isn’t about you.  It’s about making the government feel more secure that it, not you, owns your identity.  It’s about having the government assume control over the details of your conversations and communications.  It’s about taking your name, your numbers, your words, and transferring ownership of them all to an administrator initially in a massive telecommunications corporation and ultimately in the government.

Why?  To make you safe?  You’re hundreds of times more likely to die from falling down than you are to die of a terrorist attack.

Why?  To give the government more control over you.  Total control is the only thing that makes a controlling politician like Rep. Jackie Speier of California feel secure.

3 thoughts on “Democrat Jackie Speier: All Your Words Belong to Me”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    Congratulations on a good LIBERTARIAN article. Now, can you transfer this understanding to other articles you write while you are still feeling the spirit?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I’m consistently civil libertarian. I do not believe that nickels and billionaire trust funds have human rights, and I don’t think bishops have the right to use government to make everyone act Christian.

  2. John says:

    She sounds like she works for the CIA or FBI. Why are dems so uppity on the government running every aspect of our lives? Job security?


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