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Watch Who They Kick: Republicans In Congress Push Bill to Cut Construction Workers’ Pay

If you want to understand a person, someone once told me, watch how they treat people with more power and privilege than them.  Then watch how they treat people with less power and privilege than them.  Then notice the difference.

Republican politicians regularly show bafflement that support for their party is tanking, but they just don’t connect the dots to figure out why.  It’s simple: those Republican politicians push policies that help the more powerful and hurt the less powerful.

You’re never going to get rich working construction (unless you own the construction company).  But the U.S. government has done a little bit to help construction workers out.  It’s not a crazy policy; it’s a policy that just says if the U.S. government issues a construction contract, workers under that contract should be paid the local prevailing wage.   This is what the Davis-Bacon Act requires.

At the end of last month, a group of Republican members of the House of Representatives introduced H.R. 3472, a bill that would create exceptions so that contractor corporations could pay their workers less than the prevailing wage — using U.S. government funds to drive local wages down, and damage the labor market — from the worker’s point of view.  From the contracting corporation’s point of view, driving down local wages is a great way to amass profit.

Kick 'em when they're down: the Republican way.Kiss up to big money.  Kick the worker down a notch.  That’s what H.R. 3472 would do.  It’s the classic behavior of a jerk.  Look at the jerks who signed their names in official support of that monstrosity of a bill:

Ralph Lee Abraham.
Justin Amash.
Marsha Blackburn.
Dave Brat.
Ken Buck.
Steve Chabot.
Tom Cole.
Jeff Duncan.
Trent Franks.
Paul Gosar.
Glenn Grothman.
Steve King.
Doug Lamborn.
Jeff Miller.
Mick Mulvaney.
Mike Pompeo.
Tom Rice.
Matt Salmon.
Chris Stewart.

What do they hold in common?

Every last one of them’s a Republican.

3 thoughts on “Watch Who They Kick: Republicans In Congress Push Bill to Cut Construction Workers’ Pay”

  1. John says:


  2. ella says:

    Some construction workers make bu-coo’s of money, especially if they are union. But then the rest make ‘day wages’, hardly minimum wage – or less. This bill would actually improve the wages of many construction workers, and give jobs to the workers in the area where the building is being done. High wage earners from outside would likely not come to restricted pay areas. The brief summary increased the local based pay to $50,000 from $2,000. That’s a lot of local people that will stay on the job.

    1. Jim Cook says:


      The bill does not increase pay to $50,000. That’s a misread of the bill.

      The most recent median weekly earnings data shows that the median construction laborer earns $639 a week — that’s $33,228 annual income if they work without any vacation, every week, all year round. It’s also 21% lower than the median income in the United States overall. Source:

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