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I Visit Little Mogadishu In Minneapolis After Dark. See What Happened Next.

For a while now, Jim has been documenting the stark discrepancy between people’s claims of rampant violence by Somali immigrants in places like Lewiston, Maine and Minneapolis, Minnesota. He’s noted police statistics that show that crime has gone down in these places since Somalis immigrants have come to live there.

Still, some people just don’t want to believe the facts. They insist that Somalis are turning American neighborhoods into hell holes. The following comments are examples, among those that we’ve received in response to articles by Jim noting that Little Mogadishu, a neighborhood in Minneapolis with a large number of Somali immigrants, is not really a hotbed of criminal activity.

“Since you spend so much energy defending their reputation, I encourage you to know them the way I and many other students and working poor have known them. That is, try being poor in MPLS and renting the only apartment you can afford near campus. It will most likely be in the above neighborhood. Then, commute by walking. Walk home late at night every nigth because you work late, and then you will see another side of the Somali people. You will see roaming gangs. You will see fights. You will see natives being attacked. YOU will be attacked.”

“I lived in Minnapolis from 2012 – 2014 and what he describes in the Cedar Riverside area is reality. If you are poor in Minneapolis you will be living in a Somali neighborhood and it is not safe. I talked to Minneapolis natives who experienced the change in their city. No one but the farthest left ideologue will tell you that the Somalians have done anything but lay waste to that city… Anyone who’s lived in the Cedar Riverside area for the last 20 years has seen their neighborhood turn to a nightmare, they can no longer walk safely down the street at night… Maybe the author of this blog should go hang out around the “Crack Stacks” (aka Riverside Plaza) from midnight to 3am and see if it changes his tune!”

These people don’t believe statistics. So, they’ve challenged us at Irregular Times to pursue the kind of evidence that they say they believe in: Anecdotal evidence. They’ve challenged us to visit Little Mogadishu after dark – between midnight and three o’clock in the morning – to see how horrible Somali immigrants have made Minneapolis.

So, tonight, I took up the challenge. I just so happen to be in Minneapolis, and I took a walk through Little Mogadishu in the wee small hours of the morning. I even took a video of it so that you can see what I experienced. I warn you, it’s pretty chilling…

Little Mogadishu in the Middle of the Night

… chilling because it’s early April, and that means that the middle of the night is still a bit nippy here in Minnesota, but I wore an extra layer, and got through it fine.

Actually, the video is rather boring. It doesn’t show very much, because after all, it is dark in the middle of the night. I’m not a great videographer, I admit it, but anyone who knows Little Mogadishu can confirm that this is the place.

As part of my filming process, I used an iPhone, which has an astonishingly bright light for shooting video in dark places. It was like a beacon that broadcast my presence, and if anyone had wanted to pick an easy target to attack or steal from, this bright light showed me to be this person. I might as well have shouted, “Hey, everybody! I’ve got an expensive piece of electronic equipment that you could steal from me! Come and get it!”

No one bothered me.

Here’s what happened to me in Little Mogadishu: I passed a couple of people on the sidewalk, and they both said “Hello,” and passed on.

It was pretty peaceful, actually, very quiet.

We were told: “You will see roaming gangs. You will see fights. You will see natives being attacked. YOU will be attacked.”

I saw no gangs, roaming or staying still. I saw no fights. I saw no one being attacked. I was not attacked. It looks like a fine area to live in.

Here’s another bit of the video that I shot while walking through Little Mogadishu. Again, I apologize for the poor video quality.

More Little Mogadishu – Peaceful in the Middle…

I did have some challenges during my walk in the middle of the night. I was sleepy, a bit. There were some nice looking shops that I wish had been open, but we were told that the criminals of Little Mogadishu would be most active after midnight, so, that’s when I went.

I did see a bunny rabbit crossing the sidewalk, but that’s as close to wild life as I got.

I could really use a cup of coffee, but otherwise, I’m okay.

25 thoughts on “I Visit Little Mogadishu In Minneapolis After Dark. See What Happened Next.”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Thanks, J Clifford. I might help us to know if you are male or female.
    I don’t know the area. Did you go to all the places mentioned in the opposing anecdotes?

    1. J Clifford says:

      Oh, okay, so statistics and anecdotal evidence both aren’t enough for you because BIGOTRY.

      Got it.

      Maybe if you squint just so, you can see a guy in the background preparing to attack me. Gotcha.

      1. Jim Cook says:

        I guess you can’t satisfy people who don’t live in the empirical world, J. Clifford.

      2. Redneck Rick says:

        The stories are true! It’s not like they’re happening, every second but these third world Muslims are not to be trusted! Hopefully you don’t let your guard down and have some dirty bearded animal attacking you! I carry legally at all times so I’m not worried! Let’s hope Trump starts deporting these animals also.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Ok, Rick.

          Let me break this down for you, slowly, so that you can understand.

          We have repeatedly shown statistics, linked to in this article, proving that the neighborhood in which these Muslim residents of Minneapolis (which is not the “third world”) live has a lower, not a higher, crime rate than the rest of the downtown area. There has been no crime spree there, contradicting the claims of right wing locals.

          Two, I was told that I couldn’t walk through the neighborhood at night without being bothered and violently attacked. I walked through. Nothing happened to me.

          So, we have both statistical and first-hand observational evidence that contradicts your claims.

          You, Rick, have supplied no evidence in favor of your claim.

          In closing, let me state that I have no reason to believe that carrying a gun at all times will protect me from right wing zealots out of touch with reality such as yourself.

        2. JohnnyB says:

          I wouldn’t call them animal’s since they are nothing like animal’s. I would use another term. But I agree otherwise. This Clifford dude see’s what he wants to see. Why doesn’t he go there at another time of the day or night- not 3 a.m. Clifford is filled with hatred towards consevatives but is in love with 3rd world people he knows nothing about. Typical liberal- not too bright.

    2. Axmed says:

      Crimes are fueled by alcohol,drug and sex,but Somalis are Muslims,there is no sex outside marriage,they don’t drink,.. Muslim neighborhoods are peaceful. How Somali behave is influenced by religion Islam..

      1. anonymous says:

        Total nonsense, Axmed, as i use to do liquor store display photography. Somali male customers were conspicuous as they were always ducking my camera. you should also check the illegitimate birth rate among somali women. Sadly you probably can’t because refugee charities dont want you to see those stats. The Strib had to fight long and hard to get Somali unemployment stats which are dismal. Senior citizen services in mpls have been decimated by reallocation of funds to refugees.
        If Somali immigrants are such great neighbors why have so many hardcore, long time liberal residents fled cedar-riverside.

        1. Horatio says:

          Hmmmmm…. Could it be racism?

          Why are you hiding your name, anonymous?

          Don’t want your friends to know you have these attitudes?

  2. Shire says:

    This made me laugh. This type of racist paranoia is very common in the US from what I’ve heard and seen online from cops/African Americans. I recently read a reddit post where a police officer asked everyone to “please, please, please stop calling 911 every time you see a ‘suspicious’ black person.”

    This is actually a very common problem where people call the police multiple times on their black neighbors (usually in predominately white neighborhoods) and it turns out to be a black man walking his dog past their house etc. etc.

    1. J Clifford says:

      What’s really sad, Shire, is that Donald Trump’s redcap supporters are now flocking to this page, hoping that it will provide them with evidence to justify their hatred of refugees. They go away disappointed that reality doesn’t provide a reasonable basis for their rage.

      Refugees are people fleeing from war and oppression.

      Since when do Americans hate people fleeing from war and oppression?

      1. JohnnyB says:

        There is no rage from Trump supporter’s. Just caution. Seems the democrats are the ones filled with rage, as demonstrated by their daily riots against their own citizen’s. All because they lost an election. Trump supporter’s are working and trying to make a living. Democrats are just freaking out because all their free handouts from the government may soon stop. Imagine that- having to actually work for their money.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          There are no daily riots. You’re living in a world of delusion.

      2. JohnnyB says:

        Since when do American’s hate their own citizen’s- just because they don’t agree with their views? Democrats are the ones filled with hate against the republican’s. So it’s okay to hate people with a different political view, but not a refugee? What if some of the somalian’s are republican’s?

    2. JohnnyB says:

      Many whites are afraid of blacks. It’s because blacks commit such a high amount of crime. It’s human nature. It’s also human nature for human’s to want to be with other human’s like them. Most people don’t want diversity- look at oriental people- they stay with their own kind and so do most ethnic groups. It’s white liberals that are always trying to cram this diversity crap down everyone’s throats.

      1. Jim Cook says:

        Your statements are the textbook definition of racism. Race is a made-up set of categories people use to justify conflict. Stop playing make-believe.

  3. Tina says:

    Yes except the stories are true, I know facts, it’s not pretty and things are heavily covered up and kept inside their society! Women are raped, and attacked and the media doesn’t follow through, again it’s all buried and these things do happen! Just as they do in other neighborhoods sadly though it’s covered up! These women have no shot at getting a conviction against a man that rapes them if they are part of the community, domestic violence and child abuse also covered because it’s their culture! I’m not saying all, I have many great Muslim friends, my dentist is Muslim, but I know people who have been bey open but out of fear they cannot share! I’d investigate that pretty far! The left does protect them at a alarming rate! We don’t get it! We would love to see these women and children protected! It’s not people hating on Refugees they have been here a long long time, it’s about what we see and hear and know that is igorgnorged! Let’s hope for better reporting and results for their sake!

    1. J Clifford says:

      So, Tina, what you’re expecting us to believe is that: There is secret information, which you won’t share, which, because it’s secret, we can’t see, but we should just trust you that it’s there, even though it contradicts all information that is available.

      1. Chris says:

        Why don’t you move there and experience for yourself?

    2. Jim Cook says:

      Your anecdotal stories don’t translate into systematic observed reports.

  4. arydant says:

    In the little time I have spent in the area in the past, I have had my car stereo stolen in broad daylight and I have seen a gang fight in a restaurant. From my personal experience I would regard the area as very dangerous compared to others. Maybe you just need to visit during the daytime to see the things you have heard about.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Arydant, I returned to Minnesota in September 2016, and spent several days in that neighborhood, at all times of day and night. I never saw any indication of a single crime.

  5. Chris says:

    Hard to tell what goes on in your 20 second video!!!

    1. J Clifford says:

      Nothing, Chris. Nothing goes on in the video. That’s the point.

      We were promised that the neighborhood is so violent that no one can go there after dark.

      Over and over I’ve been there after dark, and nothing happened.

  6. Dawn Holdren says:

    The thefts and gang fights that people say are being seen in this area can be seen at the same time in any other big city. MNPLS doesn’t have the patent on theft and violence. You can come to the small city that I live in and find the same violence at anytime if the day or night. Those that get hearsay from others only believe it because of their attitudes towards people from other countries. How about you stop and think about what countries most of those that have committed mass murders in the last 10 years have been from.
    Yeah. America. Legal Americans.

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