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Joanie Loves Irrational Global Warming Denier

Remember Joanie Loves Chachi? I know, you had forgotten until now. But dredge up that awkward memory long enough to realize that Scott Baio is still alive and, over the past few days, spreading messages like these:

Scott Baio: Snow in the Caribbean, First Time Since Columbus

Scott Baio: Snow means there is no global warming

Scott Baio is amazed that it snows along Highway I-80

Got that? If it snows somewhere in the world, global warming cannot possibly be real! I suppose that makes this global temperature trend from 1880-2016 a real head-scratcher:

Winter Global Warming, 1881-2016

As for it supposedly never having snowed in the Caribbean since Christopher Columbus planted his flag there in the 1400s, I have just a few things to say:

  1.  link
  2.  link
  3.  link
  4.  link
  5.  April Fool’s joke.

One thought on “Joanie Loves Irrational Global Warming Denier”

  1. J Clifford says:

    He was “getting a tan”? Apparently, this guy hasn’t bothered to learn anything since he played someone’s annoying little sister’s boyfriend on “Happy Days”. I guess skin cancer is a hoax too.

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