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5 Things I “Need to Know.” How Many Do I Need to Know?

USA Today has released a news story informing me of “5 things I need to know this weekend.”  They are:

  1. Jason Day and Jordan Spieth are playing golf this weekend.  Spieth really wants to get a better score than Day.  Day really wants to get a better score than Spieth.  We’ll find out who got a better golf score after they play.
  2. MTV is going to broadcast a Movie Awards show.  They hope you watch it, but the actual awards ceremony already happened, so there won’t be suspense or anything if you know how to use Google — and if you care what MTV thinks about movies anyway.
  3. Federal investigators will interview residents of Flint, Michigan to find out what the EPA said to them about lead in their water.
  4. UK Prince William and Duchess Kate are taking a trip to India and USA Today says some people who live in India are quite impressed.
  5. Wyoming is holding presidential nominating caucuses today.  The caucuses open at 11 AM Mountain Time.

Out of the five, how many do I really need to know?  If I live in Wyoming, knowing when caucuses begin is very important.  Knowing that the federal government is interviewing Flint residents is reassuring within the context of disastrous poisoning, possibly indicating what can be done differently to prevent such poisoning in the future.

As for the rest… well and ahem. Is  2 out of 3 not so bad?  Or are there other “things I need to know” this weekend that I actually need to know?  If so, what are they?

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