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Uncovering Spring

With an eye to the ten-day forecast here in Central Maine, I decided that last night was the last hard frost we’d see.  So off came the warm, protective bed of needles I’d placed over beds of garlic and strawberries last November.  The needles I took from a nearby white pine, and they’ll be scattered around the blueberry bushes to slowly decompose.  I hear that blueberry plants love pine needles.

The garlic underneath looks wimpy right now, but I expect it will shoot right up with the coming sun.

What’s going on in your garden?

2 thoughts on “Uncovering Spring”

  1. J Clifford says:

    I just planted a red-flowering clematis amongst some southerwood yesterday, hoping it will climb amid the gangly stalks.

  2. ella says:

    Blueberries love those sweet acidic pine needles. The berries taste better for them. This year has made me almost shaky about remove frost covers from late winter potato shoots. The annual planting of seeds has been put off until the weather settles. Best wishes for your soil warming quickly. Someone has mentioned that now the solar Maximum is past, El Nino is over, the next solar minimum cycle will bring more colder winters. Of course that is the way of things. Colder or longer – maybe both. Still, this should be a good gardening year.

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