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Where to Find News Coverage of Massive Arrests at Anti-Corporate Capitol Hill Protest

I remember well the experience of negotiating protest with the Capitol Park Police. Below a certain number of people, law enforcement at the grounds around the National Mall outside the U.S. Capitol Building believe free speech rights apply, and won’t arrest anyone.  Above a reasonably low number of people — just 25 — the Park Police have taken the stance that one must have a permit to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances (that’s First Amendment talk there).

So it was with little surprise that I learned today of massive arrests staged by the Park Police outside the Capitol Building.  The heinous crime of the peaceable arrestees: standing up in front of their national legislature and protesting undue corporate influence over politics.

I was surprised, however, to read a report asserting that The Media Was Silent, refusing to cover the protests.

Certainly, there are more journalists covering Narcissist in Chief Donald Trump today than there are covering this Democracy Spring protest.  But neither is there a total blackout.  The following are links to some prominent news stories providing at least some modicum of coverage of the protest.

Lady Liberty being arrested on April 11 2016 for speaking her mind outside the U.S. Capitol Building. This is What Democracy Doesn't Look Like.

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