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Environmental Fraud From Mitsubishi Delivers Pollution To The World

Just days before Earth Day, the Mitsubishi car company has been forced to admit that the testing which supposedly certified its automobiles as fuel efficient and beneficial to the environment were faked.

625,000 times, Mitsubishi cars were tested for rate fuel consumption using equipment that was purposefully rigged to make it seem that the Mitsubishi cars are more fuel efficient than they actually are. The number may actually be higher, as Mitsubishi is now conducting an internal investigation to determine whether the fraud was part of a bigger pattern.

People bought Mitsubishi cars thinking that they would burn a certain volume of fossil fuels per mile, but the volume of fossil fuels burned per mile by Mitsubishi cars was actually higher. So, not only were Mitsubishi owners illegally tricked, but the rest of us have been breathing more smog produced by Mitsubishi emissions than we should have been.

Instead of innovating more fuel efficient engines, Mitsubishi invented machines that could cover up for its poor engineering. Environmental degradation was the consequence.

This news comes shortly after Volkswagen was caught using software to fake clean emissions from its cars. Who knows what the other car companies are doing, instead of working to develop cleaner cars, as they promised to do?

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