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Get Cruciferous With The Rutabaga Revolution

Sometimes, the most that I can say is that I give a rutabaga.

The rutabaga is what happens when cabbages interbreed with turnips. The offspring are a fertile biennial, meaning that if you allow your rutabaga patch to winter over instead of harvesting after the first substantial frost, you’ll get viable seeds. The greens will still be edible, in such cases.

Rutabagas are nicknamed “swedes” because they taste best when grown during cold weather. Rutabagas that mature in the heat of summer taste less sweet than those that are planted in the summer, but then reach their peak in after the leaves have fallen.

Every December, the people in Ithaca, New York hold a Rutabaga Curling competition at their Farmer’s Market. Traditionally, the Rutabaga Goddess is seen in attendance of the festivities.

Rutabagas are at the forefront of an uprising out of the grassroots. What do we want? Well drained soil and full sun conditions! When do we want it? Now!

Rutabagas also sing. As seen below, they sing a song called The Shaman. I can’t understand any of the words. Does that mean I have entered the astral plane?

purple root vegetable

3 thoughts on “Get Cruciferous With The Rutabaga Revolution”

  1. ella says:

    I didn’t hear the song, but did you know that if you slice a rutabaga very thin and fry it crisp, it makes the best chips you ever ate?

    1. Dave says:

      Thank you, Ella. I was at my local organic market yesterday and the proprietor gave me some turnips. I’ve never done anything with turnips unless I had to greens to go with it. I’ll try to make chips, or maybe make a mess. Or maybe a mess of chips or something.

      1. ella says:

        Add salt, maybe some crushed dried basil. If they are bitter, add a little honey to the skillet with whatever medium you use for frying – if spray just add the honey, it will melt, throw in the chips and when you take them out, add salt to taste. No need for honey if they are ‘sweet’.

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