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Let’s Be Clear: A Majority of Republicans Support Trumpism

On April 26, 2016 Republican voters came out in five states to indicate their presidential preference.  Here are the results:

  • Connecticut: with 57.9% of the Republican vote, Donald Trump wins
  • Delaware: with 60.8% of the Republican vote, Donald Trump wins
  • Maryland: with 54.5% of the Republican vote, Donald Trump wins
  • Pennsylvania: with 56.7% of the Republican vote, Donald Trump wins
  • Rhode Island: with 63.8% of the Republican vote, Donald Trump wins

A few months ago, there was this idea being floated around that Donald Trump didn’t really represent Republican Party values, that Trumpist political attitudes weren’t really supported by a majority of Republicans.  As soon as the field narrowed down, this idea went, Donald Trump wouldn’t gather a majority of supporters. Instead, the idea went, a majority of Republicans would stand against Trumpism and reject all that his candidacy stood for.

This idea is clearly wrong.

Donald Trump with One Short Finger Extended. Credit: Gage Skidmore

Everybody knows exactly what Donald Trump stands for.  He’s made it clear.  He’s shouted his values repeatedly on national television:

Donald Trump has made these positions perfectly clear.

When a majority of the the Republican Party in the United States casts their votes for this man, when a Republican majority chooses Donald Trump to become leader of its Party, the Party makes itself clear.

Republicans, if you really cannot stand by the positions listed above, how on Earth can you continue to stand by Donald Trump?

7 thoughts on “Let’s Be Clear: A Majority of Republicans Support Trumpism”

  1. J Clifford says:

    What’s more, Republicans, as you see the terrible Trumpist values that the majority of the members of your party support, how can you continue to stand as members of the Republican Party?

  2. Korky Day says:

    Don’t forget that the pseudo-democracy in the USA is based on ‘the lesser of 2 evils’.
    So some of those voting for Trump are doing so because they see Cruz as worse and Kasich as hopeless and dull.

    Nevertheless, I agree that Trump has many bad positions, though this article unfairly exaggerates, as usual in the Irregular Times.
    He has many good positions, too, however.
    In a lesser-of-2-evils election, Trump is better than Clinton.

  3. Frank says:

    Here you go the leftist cooks (and Cook…back !!) spewing nonsense again. All these talks about “evil” Trump while ignoring a corrupt establishment candidate, the woman of the people Hillary and a communist (now democratic socialist) throwback who made speeches on ow wonderful Cuba was. You guys have no idea of what “objectivity” means all. Let’s go down the list.
    1)There is way much more violence constantly showing on tv and newspapers from the left side of the isle. The “citizens” ( I say thugs) you mention are simply BLM activists, open border (illegals) advocates and anarchists, not really a “peaceful” crowd. Just perusing You Tube and Googling anti-Trump protest should suffice to shut you up and demonstrate how pernicious, aggressive and vile are the so called progressives (the peace loving left activists). On Trump’s side: one old guy punching a Bernie’s provocateur? And he’s in jail? Really?
    2)Torturing people who commit crimes? LOL..and when did he say that? torturing (waterboarding) terrorists folks..terrorists! And i would do much worse to those fucks who behead, torture burn, necklace people. 3) Kill the family of terrorists? And when did he say that? Unless you have to order a drone strike to get them and that is considered is collateral damage!! War is war folks (and sincerely I don’t give a fuck).
    4) Geneva convention: applies to enemy combatants. Terrorists are not “enemy combatants”. Period.
    5) Climate change is a hoax. Plenty of scientists deny it and there is a debate on the subject. The science on the matter is not “settled” and there is plenty of doubts. Only fanatics, from the left, think that we can legislate weather and Climate! You have your opinion we have ours. You are as right as the other side is. The pressure and the violent attacks on who says differently is bullying, despicable and against freedom of speech. learn the Constitution folks.
    6) Sarah Palin? Much better than a corrupt politician and a communist.
    7) Needs comment?
    8) Cancel, destroy, delete the obscene practice of anchor babies. If you are here illegally, then you children will be denied Citizenship. Matter of common fucking sense. What part of “illegal” you do not understand? No welfare, no driving licenses, no jobs, no benefits. They will self deport. No round ups or shit like that.
    9) You people cry about us getting involved in other Countries’ business and now complain. Let them have what they want and kill one another.
    10) The US government has the right to ban people from Countries with strong Islamic Terrorist ties and presence from traveling or immigrating in the US. Discrimination? Towards foreigners, not in the US and not citizens? SHUT the f up! We have the right to decide who comes in and who does not. Safety of the American people first.
    11) Discrimination towards “brown skinned” people? And what did he say that is discriminatory? Please quote his discriminatory sentence involving “brown skinned people”. We MUST stop illegal immigration, tell Mexico to control their side of the fucking border. deport all illegals who commit crimes. Is that discriminatory? I think it is just common sense. Enough is enough. We have LAWS, if you have an idea of what those are. People want to come here..they must follow the law. Otherwise , OUT. Otherwise we are just a banana Republic , which we are under Obama.
    There you go snowflakes.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I merely pointed out his positions, Frank. You called them evil. Your words speak volumes about the nature of Trumpism.

      1. Dave says:

        Korky has a point about coming down to the lesser of two evils, and Frank has a point about the corrupt Hillary. When the choice comes down to deciding between, on the one hand, Trump with his amazing views on governance, and on the other hand the renewed public nuisance of the Clinton crime family, there’s going to be some serious nose-holding while voting.

        Trump isn’t really the Republican Party, who have shown their true colors as establishment elites who would rather vote for Hillary. There are plenty of articles on Irregular Times bashing Republicans, but they are just the slow-moving side of the Democratic Party. They both want incessant wars in the Middle East with plenty of meddling in the affairs of other countries. They both support trade agreements that impoverish U.S. workers (Your minimum wage concerns, Jim, are sort of irrelevant when the jobs are gone) and both generally follow the same social agenda. (Yes, the Republicans pay lip service to conservative voters within their party but they do nothing of any consequence on their behalf). There are plenty of articles online these days about how there would be no Trump phenomenon if the Party (Dempublican) had done anything for American working people besides tax them up the yoohoo or drive them onto the welfare rolls, so … now we get Trump.

        I know a number of Trump supporters who don’t like him very much, but who really, really don’t like the alternatives being served up. I may write in my own name and tell the grand-kids that I ran for president in ’16. Who knows, I may win if I name a Kardashian as VP.

  4. Al Hopfmann says:

    Each commenter so far has some valid points, particularly about the “lesser of two evils” voting tendency. But liberty has been losing for 80+ years and things won’t reverse until enough people realize that “The Democratic Party is the party of evil. The Republican Party is the party of stupid. The Green Party is the party of naivety. The Libertarian Party is the party of principle”. This does not mean that all or even most of the people in those parties fit those descriptions, but it does mean that in reality the thrust of those parties has been in those directions.

    1. J Clifford says:

      The Libertarian Party is not the part of principle. It’s the party of greed and selfishness.

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